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Content Disclaimer


This is a content disclaimer for the publishers, readers, advertisers and anyone concerned thereof. 


Alphanumeric content policy

We allow anybody to open a free account in InnerToWords and accept gust posts from them for publishing. But before publishing, we check the content through various plagiarism detector services available today across internet. We can not guarantee if the same user publishes the same content elsewhere and thus we can not be held responsible for the same. This depends upon solely upon the other publishers who want to publish the same content as we have published before them.

While checking plagiarism, we ignore general sentence constructs which some software can consider as plagiarism over a particular sentence.

For example, the sentence “People suffering from migraine can sometimes be a victim of severe headache”, can be found in many a places all over the internet. And many software can consider it as plagiarism but we consider it as a general construct which can not restricted in a flow of story-telling. That means we will go forward with the sentence without re-writing it at all.


Image content policy

We use free stock images for illustrative purposes in most of the cases. in some cases, the user him/herself puts images on their own. 

We use images from,, and similar. 


How to raise complaint, concern and objections? 

If you have any complaint, concern or objection to raise regarding our content, then please feel free to find us at or alternatively you can use this contact form link.