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Correlation between “Awareness” & “Hacking”| By Prathamesh Sonsurkar, Cyber Security Expert



    Correlation between “Awareness” & “Hacking”| By Prathamesh Sonsurkar, Cyber Security Expert



    YES! You heard it right.

    Many of the people suffer from “Information diarrhoea”. Now, what exactly is this term? It simply means giving out loads of information willingly. Look what happens is any hacker when tries to hack into anyone’s account first studies that particular person what we call it in hacker terminology “Information reconnaissance” or in simple words “Information Gathering”.

    In this step, a hacker studies you, your interests, your patterns & even tries to figure out your way of thinking letting him peep into your mindset and allowing him to guess your passwords. Well well, that was too fast & easy to land directly on password guessing but nevertheless, one of the roads every hacker drives through.

    “Hey, my email id is” .Understand for a normal human being this might sound like an email id however for a hacker? No !. He shall dissect that statement into ABHISH-1–2–0–8@XYZ.COM and shall try to figure out the resemblance of 1208 in abhish’s life. It might be his birthdate, last digits of his phone number or anything; & sooner or later the hacker will get to know the clandestine plot of 1–2–0–8.

    If you observe closely you will realize that you didn’t just spit out the email id, instead, you showed him how you have wired that email with an instance back in your brain. That’s a small example of information diarrhoea & social engineering combined. In this way, there are various instances which set you vulnerable to a hacker; your presence on Social Media sites ranking on top of the list.

    Social Media Platforms! I don’t know how much you are aware of it but in case you might have actually read the *terms & conditions* carefully before signing up you would have realized how much of private information you authorize to be shared to such third party app and to those individual platforms. It’s homework for you readers to just go through the terms & conditions of each platform you signed up for; to let you have a clear picture of your privacy.

    The gist of all lands us back to awareness right? Awareness of Platform you are using, being aware of what you are speaking, giving any kind of information etc. right? because a cyber aware Abhish won’t have kept 1208 in his email (*sarcasm intended)

    Before concluding always make sure what websites you are visiting, check for its authenticity, spot for malicious actions or any kind of suspicious activities & for more visit