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Could a next Maunder Minimum save Carbon dioxide?



    Could a next Maunder Minimum save Carbon dioxide?


    The sun, like everyone here on this planet goes through some cyclic changes in order to maintain its calibre. Unlike us, it has some unfixed years for its changing activities that we do not notice. Why? Because we’ve put on some fancy shades of Global Warming brand. Very few on this planet would know about this restlessness of the sun. Restlessness in the sense Maunder minimum and Maunder Maximum, which we also call “The Solar Cycle”. Very few would know that it has a lot to do with the Earth’s temperature. But those very few will remain silent. Why? Because some million dollars have been stuffed in their mouths. 

    It is a true fact that Sun is a major driver of climate on this planet, but in these recent years someone else has been dragged in this race and that is Carbon dioxide and within a short period of time people here on Earth has made it the biggest villain. People have a misconception of the association of Carbon dioxide with increased Earth’s temperature. But that is totally absurd! Earth has gone through multiple cyclic changes where it has seen many warm periods and several ice ages. It happened, and it will happen again, but Carbon dioxide will not cause it, nor has it caused in the past. The concentrations of Co2 were thousand times more for what we have today. But still the Earth became an Ice Ball at certain point. We are living in a ‘Carbon Starving era’. Carbon dioxide surely cannot be the reason of this Global Warming thing. Actually there is no such thing as Global Warming. Everything is been exaggerated by some politicians and some Climate alarmists. Sun remain safe in this case. If we look at the past, every warm and cold periods Earth has seen, all were linked to the cyclical changes, that Earth and Sun has gone through combinely. There was not a single time where Carbon dioxide had the temperature graph going up.

    43% of climate scientists agree that they are 95% sure that man made Co2 is the dominant driver of climate change and 57% of climate scientists are less certain or think other factors are more important. Which they are certainly true. If some emphasis is led on Sun then half of the queries regarding increasing temperature would be solved. If some remember about the last Ice Age, which started in the 16th century A.D and ended in the 19th century A.D. It was also known as ‘The Mini Ice Age,’ which froze the Northern Hemisphere with extreme low temperatures in winters. Now that was certainly caused by sun. As mentioned above, Sun goes through a series of cycles which determines its activities. These cycles are called ‘Solar Cycles.’ The Solar Cycle is an 11 year cycle, typically taking about 51/2 years to move from the quieter Solar minimum to more turbulent and aggressive Solar maximum. Scientists mainly study the sun’s surface for dark patches called the sun spots. These patches are generally caused by the intense magnetic activity. The increase and decrease in these sunspots justifies the aggression of the sun. More the sun spots more will be the sun’s activity, which means raised temperatures on Earth. Less the number of sunspots, less will be the Sun’s activity; this will decrease the temperature on Earth. These increase and decrease in Sun’s activities are also Maunder Maximum and Maunder Minimum. The climate of Earth is altered directly and indirectly by these sunspots. Sunspots sometimes may erupt into powerful storms called as solar storms which consist of charged particles. These storms generally blow towards Earth and cause ionization in the upper atmosphere. These charged particles interfere with the Earth’s magnetic field and disrupt power grids and knocks down satellite. They also give rise to a spectacular view of Auroras or the Northern and the Southern lights in the higher latitudes of the Earth.  As the sun is coming to an end of its solar cycle, more sunspots tend to form on sun’s equator and a new cycle begins with the production of sunspots in the higher latitudes of the sun. Recent researches and separate studies has examined some fading sunspots which states that the next 11 year cycle could be greatly reduced

    What if someday we wake up, and end up in snow. It would be an exciting and a shocking moment for all. But there’s nothing to worry, that won’t happen immediately but it will happen certainly. The sun is heading towards another solar minimum. The year 2014 witnessed the maximum number of sun spots, but now they are sliding away to a lowest point expected in 2019-2020. In September 2017, NASA announced of a solar flare which was the biggest in 12 years. In 2016, scientists in US observed sun like stars made by NASA’s Kepler Space Telescope. It stated that the sun was entering a special phase of its magnetic evolution. These results made the confirmation that the 11 year old sunspot cycle was disappearing entirely. Which means that sun will have fewer sunspots than during the first half of its 10 billion year life as a hydrogen burning star?  And, during solar minimum, the effects of Earth’s upper atmosphere on satellites in low-Earth orbit changes. Plus, there are unique space weather effects that get stronger during solar minimum. All in all, the Sun-Earth relationship which is constantly in flux has its own unique aspects during a solar minimum. According to some researchers in Moscow, the hot regions of hot plasma will disappear and then solar radiations will also disappear.

    This disappearing of sunspots from the sun’s surface can have a serious impact on Earth. It will drastically decrease temperatures in the Northern Hemisphere with very cold winters and heavy snowfall. It would certainly change the rate of precipitation in both Northern and Southern Hemispheres. Scientists predict that there is no fix time or date of the event but it could soon start around the year 2050. It could start as soon as 2030 also.

    But the big question is, would carbon dioxide be spared from this? If the next Maunder Minimum is likely to happen, will it be able to remove the mask of Global Warming from the people’s face. If today, carbon dioxide is blamed for the increase in global temperature, than who will be blamed for the approaching Ice Age? It is true that Global cooling will happen. It will happen slowly and steadily. But will this coming Maunder Minimum, be able to save carbon dioxide?