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How to Design Your Life By Creating a Vision Board






    How to Design Your Life By Creating a Vision Board




    If you’re ready to take charge of your life, it’s time to create a vision board.

    Vision boards, also called dream boards, help people clarify their intentions for the future. By assembling words, ideas, and images that correlate with your aspirations, you’re actively participating in the navigation of your life.

    What’s the best way to design a vision board? Well, that’s really up to you! Your dream board should contain the things that uplift and motivate you to pursue the very best, both for yourself, and for those around you.



    Why Create a Vision Board?
    Creating a vision board is a fun and inspiring experience! Many people find that the presence of a dream board in their home, office, or work space helps keep their goals on track, and reminds them of the passions and endeavors they wish to work toward.

    The simple act of brainstorming and crafting a vision board can be a powerful affirmation of your future aspirations. Taking concrete steps to secure a future you envision brings you all the closer to the attainment of your dreams.

    But hold on! Vision boards aren’t just collages of attractive images and motivational quotes. Dream boards actively assist you in the achievement of your desires by employing the Law of Attraction (LoA).


    How Do Vision Boards Use the Law of Attraction?
    Before you can understand how vision boards utilize the Law of Attraction, you’ll first need to understand what the Law of Attraction is.

    Simply put, the Law of Attraction states that like energy attracts like energy. If you imagine all the people and things in the world as being made up of energy, existing and operating on an energy field, you’ll be able to better visualize how this law works.

    Have you ever found yourself thinking of a close friend or relative, only to have them reach out to contact you a few hours later?

    Or perhaps one morning your stub your toe out of bed, spill coffee on your favorite shirt, and then discover your car won’t start.

    Many of the circumstances and events others call coincidence or happenstance are really the Law of Attraction at work. Like attracts like, and energy is no exception. If you focus on the negative, you may find more and more unpleasant events cropping up in your life. If you focus on the positive, you may be pleasantly surprised by the happy accidents that befall you.

    You are in control of your life. It’s time to take charge and forge a new path toward happiness and personal fulfillment.


    Design Your Life with Your Dream Board

    Too often, we find ourselves overwhelmed with the demands made of us. There’s just so much to do, and only so many hours in the day! As we’re carried forward by life’s currents, we sometimes forget that we’re the ones that are ultimately in control of our future.

    We don’t need to be subject to the external forces that seek to move and shape us. True momentum comes from the inside.

    We can use vision boards to sculpt and shape our environment without and within. As we change the nature of our thoughts, we change the nature of our surroundings.

    Vision boards don’t just help us clarify our future goals – they help us design our lives. The opportunities that arise as a result of what you place on your vision board will depend on what you choose to incorporate, so choose carefully.

    Your board can include anything you’d like, and that’s the beauty of it! Engage your creative mind, fire up your imagination, and let your innermost desires and passions take hold. This exercise is meant to inspire and engage. Don’t be discouraged from dreaming big. Your vision board is yours, and yours alone. Tell a story that will motivate you to do great things.


    Vision Boards for Different Life Goals

    Some people have one dream board that integrates many goals and future milestones. But if you want to create more than one vision board, go for it!

    You can have a vision board for each of the different ambitions you wish to pursue. Place them in different areas of your home, or bring a few to work to decorate your workspace. The key to a successful dream board is visibility. You want to have your board in a place where you can view it easily and often.

    Looking for some ideas to get the ball rolling? Try brainstorming on any of these themes for your vision board:

    ● Career
    ● Health
    ● Spirituality
    ● Family
    ● Vacation
    ● Hobbies
    ● Creative projects
    ● Wealth
    ● Monthly goals
    ● New skills

    The more specific you’re able to be when brainstorming for your vision board, the better. But don’t be afraid to look for outside inspiration. Sometimes, even just the act of flipping through a magazine may point you in the right direction. Perhaps you’ll spot a new pair of shoes you’d love to own, or you may stumble across a fabulous vacation destination you’d like to visit.

    Many people often have several ambitions they simultaneously pursue across different areas of their lives. We’re complex, multi-faceted individuals with many passions, hobbies, and pursuits, so it makes sense for us to possess a wide spectrum of desires.

    Get clear on the things you want. You’ll need to be honest with yourself in exploring your dreams. You can even categorize your goals by date. What do you want to achieve in the next 6 months? The next year? The next five years?

    Start with the here and now and work your way forward to imagining what you want you life to look like ten years into the future. What does happiness look like to you? What does it feel like?



    What does it include?

    Designing a Vision Board to Influence Your Life
    Seek images and quotes for your board that truly excite your passions. Keep your eyes open for inspiration, because it can be found just about anyplace, at any time!

    If you’re out and about and spot an ideal image or phrase for your board, take a note of it in your phone or journal. If you’re chatting with a friend and they say something that lifts your spirits, write it down and store it for your board. The more you engage in the habit of seeking inspiration, the more you will find it emerge in your day-to-day life.

    Make sure that once you’ve finished designing your dream board, that you take a few moments each day to reflect on what you’ve created.

    Vision boards work most effectively when you consciously direct your thoughts to the things, ideas, and pursuits you’ve assembled. It’s not enough to simply create a dream board. You must be able to meditate on the goals you’ve outlined.

    All it takes is a few short minutes each day. Dedicate this time to dwelling on the images and words you’ve collected. Try to feel the emotions you associate with the attainment of these goals. Put yourself in the place of already having reached your aspirations. You’ll be amazed by how quickly circumstances will align to bring about the object of your desires.

    What image or quote would you put on your vision board? Would you want multiple boards for different goals? We want to hear what you think! Tell us in the comments below!