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Under Desk Cable Tray: A Secured System To Support Insulated Electric Cables





    Under Desk Cable Tray: A Secured System To Support Insulated Electric Cables




    Under Desk Cable Tray: An Ideal Office Accessory To Use In Dusty Locations

    Industrial plants and small scale firms are the places, where machineries are managed and connected with each other by means of lengthy wire. If there is any malfunctioning in these wires, then the productivity of an organisation is hampered to a great extent.

    Employees also feel uncomfortable to work in places that are cluttered with wires. If the members of workforce get stuck in a tangle of wires, then hazardous situation may arise. Under desk cable tray manages all these issues as it is an assembly of units or sections that fasten or support a dozen of wires. These trays can be installed easily and possesses a wide line of features such as flexibility, simplicity and inexpensive installation.

    Under Desk Cable Tray For Efficient Management Of Cluttered Cables

    The cable trays act as a source of support for wires of all types. Management and routing of high voltage cable lines, power distribution cables, sensitive control wiring are more feasible with desk cable trays.

    Desk cable trays are used to handle many types of wires. Therefore, their constitution should be different to support these cables. Before purchasing the cable trays, you should take care that the cable tray is made of superior quality corrosion-resistant alloy.

    The professionals of company Complement-Ltd. have very efficiently designed under desk cable trays. The kind of trays available are plastic and metal. In the metal category of cable trays, there are certain sections and these are:

    • Aluminium: The aluminium desk trays have high strength to weight ratio and are suitable to manage wires even in corrosive environments. These are light in weight and don’t require frequent maintenance.  The non-magnetic nature of trays reduce the chances of electrical losses.
    • Steel: These trays are formed from high quality steel traces. This inexpensive type of under desk cable trays have high mechanical strength. You can pre-galvanize or use special paints to improve its corrosion resistance property.

    The plastic type of cable trays are light in weight and is an easy solution for sorting dozens of cables under desk. The under desk cable trays that aid easy management of piled up cables are available in many colours. To include this ergonomic tool in your official setting please call 45 75 85 85 00 or visit


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