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Developing Country : RAPE



    Developing Country : RAPE



    New Delhi , a city where sexual harassment is as normal as having a meal. As a girl, as a woman she does not feel safe in India, considering that every moment there is something happening , not exactly rape but there are many cases of molestation and sexual harassment. It’s basically a male gaze.  It is sort of brutal. 

    A basic thing that makes a girl uncomfortable and unsafe , that is going out in dark (however it is not that safe in bright), wearing short clothes because of those men who are gonna check them out from head to toe and also one cannot wear body fit clothes.

    In this era most of the people believe that men and women are equal! But I would say NO they are not equal, I think that they are subordinated in lot of ways. There is some sort of subordination happening in every moment.

    If you go out, you are subjected to many rules and regulations , parents fear to send their girls out for much longer time, to send them somewhere far. So do you  even now also thin they are equal or should I give you more reasons to it?!

    There is about 10 % of the population that had been suppressed to those regulations that they are not even allowed to go out alone like us. There is till large number of population that needs to break that shell and come out!

    There is something that needs to be done , if you all think that these rape cases started from somewhere in 2012, no you are wrong rape are  done from many years , let me give you some highlight of our history related to rape !

    (1) In 1994 , four Rajputana  rifles unit entered the village of Kunan posh para in Kashmir and they raped between 30 -100 women aged between 13 – 70 yrs

    (2) The rapes by Islamic militiaman have been reported since Indo- Pakistan war of 1947.

    (3) On October 22 1947, pushtan militiaman invaded Baramulla in a Pakistan army truck and raped woman including European nuns.

    (4) During the partition of India , some 1,00,000 women’s claimed that they have been raped and kidnapped.

    India stating most of the time ”ATITHI DEVO BHAVA” , but I think this is now just like a showpiece. India has become such a country where women fear from men, this country was ruled by men from starting but that time there was not so much fear or nor there was a situation like where women fear to go out in a group too!

    I must say

    ‘the women travellers should exercise caution when travelling in India even if they are travelling in a group ‘

    In news we can see that now the travellers for India are not safe even they have experienced such kind of things.

    India is becoming such an unsafe country that the foreigner travellers can’t even come and see the beauty of our India, the mother land, because there is no beauty left in the heart of men. 

    I don’t understand that why all these things are happening , India is such a beautiful country, having such beautiful nature, traditions, culture all the things are so beautiful then why there is lacking of this facility that the women can roam free??!! People are working on all the things but why not on this ?

    I would  like to tell you all one incident , “in march 2013, a Swiss couple were cycling from Orchha to Agra , decided to camp for a night in a village in Datia district. They were physically assaulted by 8 locals , robbed. The man was tied , while 39 yrs lady was gang – raped in front of her husband at the village “!!

    How beautiful does a white dress looks , but a single small black spot on it spoiled the beauty of the dress. I think you all understood what I was trying to say , the country only needs to remove that black spot from it . Why should we give a chance to other countries to point a finger towards our ones . A home should treat it’s members well and also its outsiders !

    Not all men can be blamed for all these things , but because of those other men can one judge that who is the real gentlemen?!

    According to a girl , complaining to a  male police about the rape and other things is like a nightmare, so I think more female constables and police should be there.

    In the news, a politician from BJP said , in such a big country like India one or two incidents happen of rape and murder we should not make an issue of these things.

    So what happened to those promises made by the government to bring back the good days , where women can roam freely and the will be safe all day long …??!!

    You take Delhi, UP and the whole country but justice is not being delivered and no one is ready to say or accept anything , the truth .

    No matter what the religion maybe if the person is a Hindu, Muslim, Sikh or a Christian ; a guilty person will be guilty and there should be no mercy for the person . A CULPRIT SHOULD NOT BE GIVEN ANY MERCY AND SHOULD BE HANGED !!

    The daily life of women are still ruled by fear.

    Men say that women should wear proper clothes and that is the only reason for rape! So what about those girls who wear full clothes suits, burkha?!

    The reason is not clothes, it is the mind and eyes of men.

    These laws should be remained or be strict enough to scare a person to do that thing.

    It appears that a rapist is not scared of any law , because he knows that a culprit is never given a strict punishment  and is kept in jail for some years with some penalties.

    Everyday there are newspaper reports of rape cases and incidents, in majority of rape case accused is known to the victim. The accused  may see a friend , relative or a neighbour.

    There is lack of public safety. Women are not safe outside their homes . Rapes are being done in moving vehicles also which raises a question on the effectiveness of the traffic system of India.

    Another very important reason is the court system of India , India’s court system is painfully slow for rape cases that get reported .

    Due to which the accused is not convicted and others think that they can go around freely and rape whoever they like to.

    Fast track court must be established so that justice is given as early as possible.

    After all I have said so many thing , so at the end I would only like to say that we all need to respect every girl and women they are wonderful daughters, sister, wives and mothers. They should be loved, cared and should be protected!






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