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Diabetic Dawn





    Diabetic Dawn



    What are some of the problems you can have from this?

    Trouble sleeping since your body is not designed to sleep with high sugar level you can encounter significant problems with sleeping which can stop you sleeping and make you become all the time incredible worn out all the time.

    Lack of muscle strength is meaning you can’t do physical work as well you could ordinarily such as say you usually cut up wood each day of the week for say 2 hours if you have this can make you only be able to do it for say 30 minutes because of lack of strength in your body.

    In the extreme form you can if you stay high go blind with regards to the person with diabetes affecting your eyes in a significant way you can also lose a foot in the blood sugar level remains high too much of the time.

    Late for work, because you will often wake up later than you do before you have this problem say you wake up each day generally at 9 am you would say work up between 12-2pm most days of the week meaning you get to work in an earlier job would be tough to manage.

    How can you fix this problem?

    how can we cure diabetes dawn phenomenon

    You need to change your lifestyle say for example you eat beef burgers a lot of the time you swap it with something healthy to eat instead like soup and say you do no regular exercise each day you do a least 30 minutes a day.

    I always felt what Dawn was basically telling are body to do some exercise since if you think about it say you wake up at 12 you can inject to bring your sugar level down, or you can exercise to make it go don I find in general doing more exercise is the key part of making sure this problem goes away.

    In my own tests, I found after me doing a lot more exercise my big problems with this stops appearing, please note before I started this exercise and eating healthier I was weighing 44 waist, but I am not 34 so in fairness a lot skinnier than I was before.

    A good form of exercise you can do to make this easy for you to get in better shape is using an exercise bike or simply buy a bike and go for bike ride everyday of the week for me I found I was losing weight by using this in a swift way and I have other friends who lost belly fat at a fast rate from doing this in my thoughts this is the best way to loss fat in the world more less and thankfully for most people they own bike or can easily buy one so you don’t have to buy instead any exercise diet plan as many people try and sell you everyday of the week online or in real life or on TV or outside Boards in shop windows or buildings.

    Hope that helps you .











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