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Difference Between Summer and Winter Games

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    Difference Between Summer and Winter Games


    There are huge differences between summer and winter games —  even the summer Olympics is quite different from the winter Olympics. People are more familiar with summer games like football, athletes, swimming, and gymnastics. There are altogether different Winter games like skiing, snowboarding, snow motorcycle, and ice hockey. These games are different in their nature and the abilities required in different sports are totally unique in their nature.       

    In this article, we will distinguish between summer and winter sports by giving examples of various games. For our convenience, we discuss thoroughly two sports from each side. You would realize a hell of a difference between the game and their environment. 

    Winter games:

    There are many winter sports involved and staged in the winter Olympics, It is impossible for us to describe all of them. We are only discussing two of the most famous winter sports!


    Skiing is one of the most famous and attractive winter sports. There are mainly three types of skiing —  Alpine, Extreme, and Nordic. If you want to play skiing— you have to buy skis Fernie. It would be interesting for you to know— skiing was invented for the purpose of military use. It was used to conduct various military exercises.

     Military personnel used skiing for hunting and recreation activities. It was 1932 when the first race of skiing was conducted 1932 in Norway.  In skiing, you need a proper balance and focus on the direction— if you say, skiing is a game of balance— It would be an understatement. 

    winter games

    It is crucial to learn the art of using the poles— for proper skiing, you have to use the skiing poles. In skiing, players are facing straight ahead, leaning forward and feet are attached to the boots of skis. Players experience extreme pressure on their knees and leg muscles —skiing poles provide the players an extra sport during forwarding gliding. 

    Experts believe if you learn the art of using skiing poles — you can be an expert in this sport. Gliding on the snow can be difficult so skiers normally use power to reduce the friction during skiing.


    Snowboarding is an extreme sport and you require a lot of assistance to master it. There is no support of poles in skiing— it is all of your balance. There is only a snowboard on which you have to move downward and sideways. There is tremendous pressure on the knees and legs during gliding. For snowboarding— you must possess a fearless nature— otherwise, you are a misfit in this sport.

     People have tender nature snowboarding is not meant for them. It is a game for fearless people. Snowboarding is more than a game— it art of keeping balance— the snowboarder skillfully uses his hands to give a direction to the snowboard.

    In snowboarding, the player is facing sideways along with the board. The stretch can be difficult during maneuvering from tricky slopes. In snowboarding, you have to navigate the whole body. You have no support for navigation, only have to use your body balance. The single snowboard is attached to the player’s feet— with help of specially crafted snow-boarding boots. 

    Snowboarders have nothing to support their bodies during the gliding. Snowboarding is similar to surfing— you are similarly balancing your body during gliding. Snowboarders normally use wood boards, but modern snowboards are made of carbon fiber, Kevlar, and aluminum. These modern boards are less in weight and provide extra flexibility during snowboarding.

    Summer games:

    Summer games are of many forms— these games are mostly played in all parts of the world. We are discussing two of the most famous summer games!


    Swimming is considered one of the most competitive summer support. It is a complete exercise. There are five main types of swimming— Freestyle swimming, Backstroke swimming, Breaststroke, Butterfly, and Sidestroke swimming. 

    People used to practice swimming— to get fitness and smartness. 

    Now we are discussing all the styles of swimming one by one:

    Freestyle swimming knows as front crawl. In this type of swimming you lay down on your stomach— your legs flutter—your arms in a windmill position. You propel your body in a forward direction by pushing the water backward. Freestyle swimming allows swimmers to cover larger distances.

    In backstroke swimming style you have to lay down on your back— your legs flutter around and while your arms circle in a windmill position. In this style, you are inverted in the water and swimming on your back. This type of swimming is best for back pain and strengthens the back muscles.

    Breaststroke is laying down on your stomach and facing down—  you have to move your hands in a half-circle position. The butterfly is one of the most difficult strokes and tests the stamina of professional swimmers. It is difficult to perform as you have to fetch your body out of the water again and again— in this style you can’t move your arms in a circle. You are just jumping in and out of the water. The butterfly is considered to be one of the most difficult styles of swimming— same as the sideways swimming. 


    Athletics is one of the most contested sports in the Summer Olympics. It is one of the oldest sports in the world. The winner of the hundred-meter race in the world is considered to be the world’s fastest athlete. 

    The techniques and time of completing the race are improving— the main reason for this, harder training and better improvement in techniques. Athletes are also using special foods and minerals to improve their stamina. 

    They require a maximum level of strength of muscles to run faster as they can—especially in 100 and 200 meters. The marathon runner has slimmer bodies— they require an enormous amount of stamina— they have to cover large distances.  

    Summer or winter games— the most important thing— sports are essential for the growth of healthy bodies. It is obvious to everyone— “ a healthy mind can only survive in a healthy body”. You need to play a game to keep yourself fit and smart. A fit soul can enjoy the happiness of life.