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Digital RV Thermostats and Other Must-Have Electronics For Your Motorhome





    Digital RV Thermostats and Other Must-Have Electronics For Your Motorhome


    Having electronics amenities in your RV will help you feel more at home while you are on the road. From digital thermostats to battery restarting packs, always feel secure about your source of power with these premium electronic accessories from RVupgrades.

    Here are some of the best electronic accessories for your RV or motorhome:

    Coleman Mach RV Comfort ZC Wall Thermostat
    Never be too hot or too cold in your RV by maintaining ultimate temperature control in your RV home with the Coleman Mach RV Comfort ZC Wall Thermostat. This digital RV thermostat is used with zone boxes to control up to 4 single-stage air conditioners and heat pumps and two-stage gas furnaces. The thermostat features a digital display, allowing for accurate representation and complete control of the RV’s temperature.

    Prime Products Battery Monitor
    Always be one step ahead with the Prime Products Battery Monitor. The battery monitor allows you to see your RV’s battery voltage from inside of your motorhome, saving you time, energy, and worry from wondering about the status of your battery. The Prime Products Battery Monitor features an easy-to-read digital display featuring an LCD readout that lets the driver know the constant state of the vehicle’s battery condition while also digitally displaying the battery voltage. The display screen also shows a bar graph to provide a visual display of the battery’s charge. The Prime Products Battery Monitor plugs conveniently into a 12-volt auxiliary outlet and is mounted on a pivot for the driver’s optimal viewing. The Prime Products Battery Monitor comes guaranteed with a limited 90-day warranty.

    Zamp Solar 40 Watt Portable Charge Kit
    Harness the energy of the sun while you’re traveling with the Zamp Solar 40 Watt Portable Charge Kit. With easy set-up and uses, the Zamp Solar Kit can be set up in as little as five minutes and is portable. The kit is an add-on power source for your RV’s current solar system. The charge kit has a power rating of 40 watts at 2.3 amps and features a lightweight 8 Amp 5 stage PWM solar charge controller mounted on a steel bracket. Built to last, the Zamp Solar 40 Watt Portable Change Kit is weatherproof and waterproof, able to withstand the elements no matter where you travel. The panels are made with anti-reflective coated glass for maximum efficiency with light absorption and features three indicator lights that display errors and charging status. With dimensions of 21.75″ x 20″ x 1.5″, the Zamp Solar Kit is perfect for small travel trailers, truck campers, camper vans and single battery systems. The Zamp Solar Portable Charge Kit comes all-inclusive, with a high quality mono-crystalline solar panel, 16’ wiring harness with alligator battery clamps, a Zamp solar plug system, and a storage case for easy storage and transport. The Zamp Solar Kit comes guaranteed with a 25-year power output manufacturer warranty.

    BatteryMinder 4 Amp Battery Charger, Maintainer, Desulfator, Conditioner
    The BatteryMinder 4 Amp Battery Charger, Maintainer, Desulfator, Conditioner is as all-inclusive as it sounds and is an essential electronic accessory for those who are frequent travelers, or want extra assurance while on the road. The BatteryMinder will extend the performance and life of all types, sizes, and brands of 24-volt batteries. A SmarTECHnology microprocessor controls the device, and will safely maintain a charge and condition all kinds of gel, AGM, and flooded batteries. The BatteryMinder comes with a 6’ power cord, 6’ DC cord, 2’ battery clips with quick connect, 2’ ring terminal assembly with quick connect, and an ambient temperature sensor. This product is covered under a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.

    From digital RV thermostats to solar panels, having the proper tools to ensure the electric systems of your motorhome continue to work efficiently will keep your travels safe and enjoyable. For more information on any of these products, or for more information on a wide variety of quality RV accessories, visit

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