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DIY travel wheelchair





    DIY travel wheelchair

    On our big journey prep lists, one of the most difficult and crucial obligations became to acquire a journey in the best wheelchair for Sparky which could cross trekking, sit down in restaurants, fold small, with a detachable seat that may go in vehicles and planes and at the lower back of elephants. It requires being waterproof, unbreakable, reparable from readily available substances, attractive (besides to thieves) and reasonably-priced.

    After years of reading travel blogs and boards, we found no precedent. How do human beings do it? Surely someone had figured this one out.

    This publishes the  tale of what we did.  Everyone’s wishes are extraordinary. However, we hope the following is beneficial to someone!

    We like the wheelbarrow tow along the idea, and the consolation furnished via the huge tire.

    No motorized wheelchair could be useful, as they weigh an excessive amount of, but this cool chair can arise and climb stairs.

    There are a variety of cool chairs which can do one cool factor; boost the user to status height, climb stairs, permit for wriggle room and lower back stretching, fold small or anything. However, we wanted one that would do lots of things.  

    If Sparky already used a motorized chair which gave her independent mobility, we might suppose tough about denying her that freedom on the way to travel with a guide chair.  But that has no longer been trouble for us.

    Many merchandises in Australia are from overseas, and there is best one dealer. Products price four times the price inside the USA or the United Kingdom, in which lots of them come from. For example, we once sold a chair online from the united states for $412.

    In Australia, it changed into simplest to be had in one keep and value $2119.   People with disabilities in Australia and their households are crying out for a fairer marketplace with more opposition for basic merchandise like wheelchairs and verbal exchange gadgets.

    Needless to mention we did now not bear in mind paying the $8000 for this model. It was additionally clumsy and too large, over-engineered even. In hindsight, it’d no longer have equipped with plenty of elevators we’ve used.

    The wheeled base could have consolation-giving suspension arising from the massive pneumatic tire. And from the elastic strap suspending the internal seat. The seat could be removable and able to be sat in a diffusion of locations. The wheeled base would be capable of fold up and suit into the rear boot of a taxi or the storage compartment under buses.

    The chair wanted with a purpose to pass upstairs without problems, be strong, with an awesome breaking system. It needed so that it will cope with the average jungle/bush stroll, but more importantly all of the dodgy, dippy, slippery Asian footpaths and huge curbs.  We desired it to be clean to push for Tintin and Meena, as well as ourselves.

    Here is the seat we ended up with. It is, in fact, an antique seat base manufactured from chrome steel. We truly wanted a lighter weight framework but located not anything robust sufficient to bear the huge pressure Sparky places on her chair while she arches her returned. 

    We’d still want to strive a reinforced fiberglass alternative … next time maybe. The seat weighed five.Five kg.   This was 3 kg heavier that our aim. My brother drilled bits out of the seat for us, which lightened it a chunk.

    In our next Travel Wheelchair post, we’ll tell you the way it works, the shortfalls, and we’ll include very cool pictures of the chair in action. Most importantly, we’ll interview Sparky about what its want to journey SE Asia in a wheelchair.