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Do you have Cyber Security Protocols in Place?



    Do you have Cyber Security Protocols in Place?



    October is Cyber Security Awareness Month and at RadiusPoint©, we want to provide you with some helpful tips to protect yourself and your company.

    Identify and Report

    Phishing is one of the most common technique scammers and hackers use to illegally gain access to private company information. What occurs many times is a phishing attack presents itself as a trusted or reputable source and sends a fraudulent message in your inbox, prompting you to click on a link or open an attachment. There are many other types of Cyber Attacks that can occur, so staying up to date and knowing what is out there is incredibly vital. Do not fall for the bait because once you make that click, a virus may be downloaded on to your computer to capture its data.

    Without good security software or settings in your network, it is very possible to have a data breach. The best thing to do is to learn how to recognize these fraudulent messages by not clicking on embedded hyperlinks or unknown attachments and report all phishing attempts to ensure safety measures remain in place.

    For additional information on Cyber Attacks and resources, visit The Department of Homeland Security’s 2018 Toolkit.

    Tips to remember:

    • Do not click on any hyperlinks from a suspicious email
    • Confirm questionable emails by contacting the named agency
    • Report to management within your company if you are not sure
    • Look at the domain name to see where it’s actually coming from

    Questions to ask your company:

    • Do you have a security awareness policy in place?
    • How is your data stored and secure?
    • Are employees using safety protocols to protect company data?
    • Do you have a program in place to educate and train your employees?

    RadiusPoint’s Safety Protocols

     In today’s continual technology-driven era, security and data have never been so vulnerable. As a telecomwireless and utility expense managementprovider, RadiusPoint© hosts sensitive client data in our cloud-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), ExpenseLogic™. Due to the retention of private company information, we have implemented several on-premise controls and safeguards to ensure security and tracking.

     Utilizing ExpenseLogic™ 8.0, our clients can feel safe that their data is secure as we continue to maintain and implement security controls to protect user sensitive data. With RadiusPoint’s formal security policy that is periodically reviewed, updated and approved, our staff is trained annually for optimal security awareness. Not only are we trained to spot malicious activity, but RadiusPoint also has proven processes in place to prevent unauthorized devices from connecting to our internal network as well as sophisticated cyber security software.

    Through vigilant awareness, annual training, and proven policies, RadiusPoint works together to prevent any form of data breaches. Make sure your company is just as aware of these types of attacks as a simple click can turn over private company data to anyone.

    Visit to learn more about ExpenseLogic™ 8.0 software or contact us today.