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Easy Home Improvements






    Easy Home Improvements

    -by Guy



    Everyone likes to have a nice home, although it’s not always possible to complete all your home improvements desires. Family, work and a social life can all be extremely time consuming. This is why you need to focus on quick and easy ways to improve your home. These 4 easy ideas will add character to your home, improving both its Aesthetic appeal and feel.


    Plants can change the entire feel of a house. Just make sure you reach the right level as too many plants can have your house looking more like a garden centre than a show home. Indoor plants can offer both a nice decoration to rooms and also create a good natural scent across the house. Outdoor plants can also create a new hobby, or family activity. Gardening is subjective to the weather, but in the summer months there is no excuse to go outside and create a new look to your garden. 


    Lighting effects the entire feel and look of a house. Natural light is always good but is not something you can have massive control of. Installing a new window or changing your style of curtains on the side of the house that faces the sun can add a new feel to the home. Artificial lights can make a huge difference to how welcoming your house feels. If you have a long driveway it can be a nice touch to place lights across both sides of the drive to give visitors a good experience when first visiting your house. The use of dimmer switch lighting will allow you to control how bright the lights are, so if you are planning on having a party you can light up the room and let all your guests see your beautiful new home improvements. If you just want a nice and romantic night in a dimmer switch can allow you to have perfect mood lighting, which will also benefit your sleep.

    Brick Slips

    Interior brick slips can be a great way to make your house look more modern. Brick Slips offer an array of benefits such as lessening damp and improving the thermal qualities of the house. Brick Slips are one of the highlighted home improvements to have in 2018, with the EuroBrick range proving to be one of the most popular. Brick slips can be used in any room of the house but they are best used either in the kitchen, which can create a restaurant feel. Brick slips around a fire place, can create a traditional setting without the negative impact of dated walls. Brick slips can also be used for outdoors which allows for cladding to be placed under the Brick slips. This will allow you to save energy and money, the brick slips will give an impression of real bricks being outside your house. Brick slips are perfect for those who want to often change their mind as they range in colours and can be replaced unlike traditional bricks.   











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