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Embrace All Positivity


    Embrace All Positivity

    – by Prachi



    So many thoughts run in the mind as I wake up. Today, they were gloomy and disheartening thoughts. Thoughts that made me weaker and reminiscent of the wrong decisions of last year . These days I am experiencing epiphanies at any point of time ,even while dreaming! And today, one showed up in the morning as I was looking at my reflection in the mirror for the first time on this date. I realised why I failed at places where I had great chances of succeeding if I did a little more hard work. One thing that I have learnt from last year is that sometimes everyone will advise you according to their own perceptions, but you should always follow your heart. If you strongly believe in something and feel that it will be good for you and not what others say, then follow your heart. Have faith in yourself and work hard to keep moving on the path that you have chosen for yourself. It will definitely lead you to the destination.
    It is 7:45 a.m. I am sitting on the sofa immersed in thoughts, feeling so much of positive energy, thinking there is so much to do. I know that I should have become more mature as an individual by now than what I am at this point in time when I am going to enter the 25th year of my life, but still I have satisfaction because though I am not running,I am improving gradually. I try everyday sometimes with great zeal and fervour, and sometimes I just somehow lurch forward. Toting up the weight of my insecurities, it happens many times that I get dragged down, relegated to a poor state of mind. But what is necessary and what should be the most important rule of life is to to Stand Up Again. I am aware of the fact that God had and has given me many opportunities and instead put me in a much better position and gave me greater luck than many others. The difference in me is that I could not give respect to all those chances then but I won’t repeat the same thing now. I know I am improving, albeit very slowly, but towards the positive integers from 0 and not towards the negative integers. Perseverance is the key and the source of all positivity. It is the very necessary value that keeps us moving, keeps us hopeful and teaches us that life means going forward and creating a better version of oneself.



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