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Engagement Rings Tradition around the World


    Engagement Rings Tradition around the World


    Have you ever wondered about how certain social customs created? While marriage is a worldwide custom that the traditions around it change massively by culture and time period.



    Engagement rings tradition is not general, there are all inclusive parts of marriage that includes comparative similar customs and traditions, and how a promise to marry can be ended. The traditions may vary, however they regularly have a ton to do with assuring true intention to follow through.

    People express their love and commitment to their spouse through diamond engagement ring. There are different traditions around the world familiar with the engagement customs and traditions.  The diamond jewellery experts have a deep understanding about different cultures and traditions around the world.

    Engagement rings have their roots from the ancient times. It is believed that they are originated from the ancient Egypt, where circles were viewed as an incredible image of endlessness because of their persistent shape. Couples exchange their rings as an indication of love and commitment. These rings were worn on the fourth finger of the left hand since it has a vein that associates legitimately to the heart, called the vena amoris.

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