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Engraved Crystal: The Perfect Customizable Gift





    Engraved Crystal: The Perfect Customizable Gift


    Gift shopping can be tough. When celebrating a special occasion with someone, we usually want to get them something meaningful, personal, and practical. Crystal engravings make the perfect versatile gift and can be personalized to fit the person for whom they’re intended. Crystal Prints is an online retailer of crystal engravings that offers a wide selection of crystal products that can be customized and displayed to suit the interests and passions of the person you’re shopping for. For example, if you have an anniversary coming up, a beautiful way to commemorate the occasion might be to have your spouse’s favorite wedding photo engraved in crystal. If you’re shopping for Mothers’ Day, what better way to show appreciation for the mom in your life than by having a photo engraved on crystal of her children or grandchildren? For pet lovers, a crystal portrait of their beloved pet is a cherished gift. Crystal Prints also engraves text. So, if you’re shopping for a bookworm, consider a book-shaped crystal paperweight, inscribed with a quote from their favorite author. There are no limits with a gift this customizable.

    Crystal Prints offers more than just paperweights for displaying engraved photos and text. They also offer panels, hanging ornaments, bottle stoppers, keychains, and pendants. For added visual flare, you can include a light base to make an illuminated panel. With Crystal Prints, you can choose to get either 2D or 3D laser gifts. They have photo experts available who are capable of using photo-editing software to create a 3D image from a 2D photograph, revolutionizing the way we can display photographs in our homes. Crystal Prints makes it simple to order a personalized gift. As a customer, all you have to do is find the style of crystal that is best for the giftee and let them know how you would like it to be customized.

    Are they someone who likes purely decorative gifts? Or are they more interested in practical gifts? You’ll want to consider these questions because Crystal Prints offers both display products and products that serve specific purposes. You’ll want to find a shape that best suits their decor style. If your giftee is a stickler for neat lines and crisp edges, I’d recommend a cube-cut crystal, or maybe a rectangular panel. If they prefer unique and natural-looking decor, I’d look into the iceberg cut crystals. Once you’ve done this, choose the photo and/or quote that best fits your giftee’s personality, interests or passions, and submit it to be engraved in crystal using laser technology. Select whether you want a 2D or 3D print, depending on which style of crystal you’ve chosen, as not every cut of crystal is suited for 3D printing.

    Crystal Prints is committed to making quality 2D and 3D laser gifts. For only ten dollars more, you can opt to receive a proof of your crystal before it is shipped, so that you can ensure that it fits your vision for the perfect gift. They want their products to be everything you want and more. By trusting Crystal Prints, you’re putting your idea in good hands. For more information, visit Crystal Prints today!

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