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Equality (Part-1)


    Equality (Part-1)


    So, what do you think, do you really treat everyone equally? I’m not talking about the people of different ages, because I haven’t properly thought about it. What I am talking about is “gender equality“, that we should treat all men, women, transgenders and queers equally. And maybe some people just choose not to even speak the third and fourth word, because they think that it’s just a word. But that’s just a whole different situation to deal with, because they are not even seen a part of the society. The first step would obviously be to make the people know that they are normal human beings like us. But unfortunately, most places in the world and almost all the places in our country don’t even have restrooms for them. It’s a sad reality of the society which calls itself modern and liberal. But I am not going to talk about it today, not because they are the minority of our society (or maybe not even a part of it for some people to say) or they are just not worth it, but because it’s any other day’s story. And I would surely talk about it some day and that day would come soon (although I don’t exactly know when will this soon come).

    So, now let’s talk about the parts of society that are more socially accepted, the men and the women. We always think that the people who raise their voices to help women in any kind of danger or harm are in general very “liberal” and support “gender equality“. But do you really think that it is true? For me, it simply isn’t. And it’s not the mistake of anyone, you or those “liberal” people. For those who are wondering what am I talking about (and my gut feel says that you all would be wondering) let me give you some examples:

    1.) When a girl slaps a boy, it means that the boy would have misbehaved with her and therefore, he learnt a lesson and got what he needed from that girl. So, the girl was right in slapping that boy. But then let’s give it a new situation, when a boy slaps a girl, it means that he is being violent and harming that girl. Thus, the boy did wrong in slapping that girl.

    2.) When the talk of women being beaten and scolded by their husbands is going on, then it is said to be a talk on domestic violence. But on the other hand, the talks of women dominating their husbands is a very common topic to talk on comedy shows and jokes circulating on social media.

    Still, didn’t understand, then look at this instance

    3.) Most of you may have known about the first Indian to climb Mount Everest, who was as obvious as someone thinks, a man named, Avtar Singh Cheema. And you may also have known that the first Indian woman to climb Mount Everest was Bachendri Pal. If you didn’t know all this, it can be an easy search on Google.
    And also you may have known that the first Indian amputee to climb Mount Everest is Arunima Sinha. Yes, this too was given on Google. But do you know who was the first Indian male amputee to climb Mount Everest was? Well, I don’t think that most of you may have known that. But I didn’t stop here, and searched on Google for it, in vain.

    4.) When you tell a boy that he looks or behaves like a girl, he may feel very angry and sad and look for ways to improve it.
    In this so called “modern” times too, wearing jewellery, nailpolish, lipstick, heels, etc. or having long hair are still considered to be a girl’s game. And this isn’t a one sided stereotype made by the society. Because if a woman doesn’t do all this, she is automatically considered wrong, bad or even characterless in some extreme cases. Also, if a man tries to do it, he is made to feel very bad and guilty about it and that he should never even think of doing it again. Without any good reason they are scolded or sometimes even referred to a psychiatrist for a change in the behaviour even if the particular man is comfortable with the actions he is doing which are not harmful to anyone in any way. They are just told that they would look like a girl (But is being a girl this bad, or will doing some of the things that girls do change his gender identity into a girl’s). Nevertheless, this is in all forms snatching away the sovereignty of the citizens of a sovereign nations.

    Till now, I suppose that you may have been started getting what I am saying. That what we call equality between men and women, is favoring women. What we call respect, is actually sympathy towards women. We always look at women from a very victimized point of view, that is, we always suppose her to be a victim and never an offender. And maybe in most cases women are unfortunately a victim but it is not the same in all the case, where women can also act as an offender. Actually, we never think of her as an offender. It can be because we consider them to be a holy “species” who cannot do or even think about any wrong or dirty work (or any such work that doesn’t fits in the stereotype of this kind of “species“), which diminishes her purity. But it is not so, they are also humans, they can also commit mistakes, or even crimes and thus they too need to be punished for that. They can also be selfish (and by selfish, I mean that she can also think about themselves as opposed to the notion of the society that women are and “should be” selfless and sacrifice their lives to make others happy), they also have a right to live their life on their own terms rather than just listening to the stupid stuff told by the society. We should know that, they just like men, aren’t perfect and that imperfections are what makes our lives more meaningful.

    But going on and on in this path may lead us to a very different destination than we were aiming towards. We may again get on the very same place that we had started. Said that women can also commit crimes, doesn’t justifies them, they too need to be punished. Laws should be tightened against them too, so that no misuse of any laws favoring women empowerment may happen. And also, men should take their problems seriously than making fun of them. I agree that some cases are just normal debating and other things like that, but there are many extreme cases where many females have misused women empowerment laws, which sadly doesn’t seem to have a comedic side.

    From the 3rd instance that I had given, somewhat shows that we insincerely pump up the egos of women so that they may feel better and more privileged in the society. But the reality is that they have a far lower status in the society than they have been made habitual to. They are not shown the bitter ground zero reality that exists. They are just shown sympathy in the name of respect. It’s a very simple thing, that if at least on google, the names of the first Indian to climb Mount Everest, and the first Indian woman to do it is given, and also the first Indian amputee to climb Mount Everest is given (which is unexpectedly a female), then why not they give us the name of the first male amputee to climb Mount Everest. Maybe its not

    As in my 4th instance, boys (or sometimes even girls) readily shame on other boys who even sometimes just mistakenly do something which in any possible way connects to a girl. And those foolish boys (and I feel very bad about them) feel really sad and ashamed about it. Maybe because they think that being like a girl is awkward or maybe that they consider girls to be backward or any other stupid reason to feel sad when they say that you like a girl.
    But it’s not the same on the other side; girls (or especially girls living in modern or urban ares), when told that they are boyish or look like a boy, don’t get worried and sometimes even think that it’s cool to become like a boy. But to the centre of it they also know that changes in their habits or behavior are not and will never effect their gender identity. But sometimes even the most educated people of the society, have such a rigid image of a stereotypical men or women, that if a person (man or woman) deviates from that image, they get dissatisfied, unhappy or in some cases very angry, which may lead to violence. There are several cases in which women having very short hair and/or small breast, are caught up by other ladies for using their stuff because these ladies think that only boys have these characters and thus feels violated.

    Actually, no one is guilty. Because the thought process that we have is the result of the thought imprints of many people of different backgrounds that have affected us. Also, a person simply feels awkward when he/she/it, sees anything or anyone with behavioural traits that are not seen usually, that is, we feel wierd when we meet or see a man with so-called feminine characteristics, or a woman with so-called masculine characteristics. It’s because we feel that being different is actually bad. But we all should know that it’s just as okay as being the same as all others. And how can we all forget that we are all unique in our own kind, we are all perfect in our own lives. We don’t need people to mock us and tell us that it’s the right way, because the right way is the way in which you feel you are right (unless and until you are not committing an illegal action!).





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