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Eve teasing :What she goes through?




    Eve teasing :What she goes through?

    -by Pragya


    Eve Teasing is a social crime, molestation of woman by man. A type of street harassment carried out by ruffians. Every two minutes one women is molested.

    What they think a women is?

    Women have landed on moon, touched stars. Yet every 5 minutes a woman is sexually harassed. why?  Can anyone understand her state of mind at that time when she goes through eve teasing?what she goes through after eve teasing?

    Eve teasing can be described as starring, stalking, passing comments, chasing. But no one can understand what a women have to sacrifices due to it. She is not allowed to go out of her house, restriction for girls for every single move due to these ill practices .

    But the other very crucial side of eve teasing is what a women is going through after suffering from it, what she feels?

    There is a feeling of emotional numbness after an assault. All sleepless nights!

    A feeling of insecurity, even to walk out of house, a fear as if everyone is staring at her only. And the biggest impact is “LOSS OF CONFIDENCE”. It destroys assumptions about the world. And then it takes a lot of time for her to make herself feel safe and secured.

    But she must not accept, she must challenge.  “WOMEN ARE REAL ARCHITECT OF OUR SOCIETY”. She is not only meant for the inner pain which she is given in form of these practice.

    A women should never forget that thousands of terrible things have happened, she has the opportunity to recover. So, SPEAK OUT! Don’t be ashamed, make them feel ashamed.

    And for the eve teasers:

    Be respectful to women for they are the mothers of mankind.




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