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Fashionable and Functional Chic: The Simply Southern Lanyard, Travel Bag, and More



    Fashionable and Functional Chic: The Simply Southern Lanyard, Travel Bag, and More


    There’s no reason why ‘functional’ can’t mean ‘fashionable.’ In fact, when it comes to southern fashion, the two go hand in hand. No southern belle has time for dainty flimsy shirts and six inch heels that are just as likely to break her ankle as they are to break themselves. No, give a homegrown gal a solid pair of cowboy boots and a flowy tank to look good and get ‘er done. The Simply Southern collection at Girls ‘Round Here gets it. They’ve got a full range of preppy tees, bright and fun baseball caps, chic leggings – the whole nine yards. All of their pieces look just as good as they work, from the Simply Southern Lanyard collection, with tons of different fun seasonal patterns to brighten up your workday, to the Simply Southern travel bags and pouches, made with elegance and ample storage space. It’s clear as crystal after just a quick browse through the selection at Girls ‘Round Here that both they and Simply Southern know exactly what a southern girl needs.

    Let’s dive in with the accessories. While most people think of accessories as extra bits and bobs to add on to a finished outfit, the truth is our accessories are the hardest working pieces of our everyday looks. Think about it – hats keep the sun out of your eyes and keep your bad hair days covered up. Lanyards keep your essentials nearby and ready to use. Backpacks and wristlets protect our things and are simply a must have for any trip. Accessories are the very definition of function, and Simply Southern makes them the epitome of fashion, too.

    At Girls ‘Round Here you can find the perfect Simply Southern lanyard to go with the season, meaning you can coordinate your lanyard with your outfit. You’ll find sweet and sassy designs like cute mermaids, unicorns, and nurses to brighten up your work and put the fun in functional. These lanyards are made of sturdy, high quality polyester that’s light enough to wear comfortably but strong enough to hold up no matter where you use them. The double-sided lanyards feature an elegant, golden clip and a break-away safety buckle in the event that your lanyard catches on something.

    Another crucial accessory to any southern woman’s closet is the travel bag. Whether it’s a short overnight stay for little holidays and get togethers, a day trip out to the pool or the lakeshore, or a full blown family vacation, you’re bound to need to bring along clothes, sunscreen, books, and the like at least once a season. If you’re packing the whole family up in the car, it’s extremely handy to have distinct bags so you can find your things quickly in the mix. What better way to personalize your belongings than to wrap them up in a beautiful tote?

    Simply Southern travel bags combine gorgeous prints, like cheerful elephants or majestic sea turtles, with sleek golden details and reinforced straps. The result is a designer quality bag without the designer price tag – you can get the elegant Simply Southern Ringling Travel Bag for under $35 at Girls ‘Round Here! It’s big enough to hold all your trip essentials and so charming you’ll be raking in the compliments once you get where you’re going!

    Accessories come in all shapes and sizes, with a hundred different uses and thousands of looks. Simply Southern makes stylish bag reels, cozy camper socks, sleek wrist watch bands, and plenty more to make your life a little easier – and a little more stylish. You can find a full collection of the best Simply Southern has to offer online at, along with a wide range of great apparel and beautiful southern styles. Stop separating fashion and function today, and start loving your accessories again!

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