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Five Convenient Products for Vaping on the Go





    Five Convenient Products for Vaping on the Go


    If you really enjoy vaping, you probably want to be able to do it no matter where or what you’re doing. That’s why there are so many different kinds of vaporizers available. There are desktop vaporizers, which offer a full at-home vaping experience. Then there are types of vaporizers that are better for portable, personal use. The best vaporizers for on-the-go vaping are vape pens. Vape pens are easy to carry with you in your pocket. No matter where you are and what your plans are, with the right vape pen, you can discreetly carry your vaporizer with you.

    VaporX XLT Vaporizer
    One really great vape pen you might want to check out is the XLT Vaporizer from VaporX. This pen is affordable and simple to use. It’s available in white, silver, or black, so you can pick the color that’s most appealing to you. It’s designed for vaping e-liquids with 601 threading battery. The measuring scale is clearly visible so you know how much juice is left in the cartridge. Its six-click battery safety lock keeps the battery in place. This vape pen also comes with a USB charger, so the battery can be recharged easily.

    Vaporite Quartz Vaporizer
    The Vaporite Quartz Vaporizer has a few more frills than you’ll find with the VaporX XLT pen. If you’re looking for something with some more bells and whistles, this may be the vape pen for you. This pen is available in black, white, green, and blue. If you enjoy vaping waxy oil, you should try the Vaporite Quartz Vaporizer. It has a sleek glass globe design that is great for producing thick vapor clouds. It also includes an 1100MAH battery, which is powerful and long lasting. The high-quality atomizer makes for an optimal heat source. The Vaporite Quartz 2.0 even utilizes Bluetooth technology so that you can connect your vape to your phone and monitor the battery usage and temperature of your pen.

    Cloud Pen Chloris Vaporizer
    The Cloud Pen Chloris Vaporizer is another fantastic vape pen. Compatible for dry herb vaping, this model from Cloud Pen has an impressive temperature range. It’s convection heating system heats up quickly to anywhere from 350 to 430 degrees Fahrenheit. It features a digital OLED display, so you can have the most precise and easy-to-read temperature and battery life gauge. This pen includes a long-lasting 2200MAH LI-polymer battery. It also has a sleep mode; after five minutes without being used, the Chloris shuts down to ensure safety. This vape pen is exceptionally small and easy to carry around.

    Kandypens Feather Vaporizer
    The Kandypens Feather Vaporizer is has a very unique, compact design with 80mm in height and 8mm in width. This small, handmade vaporizer is designed for vaping e-liquid, specifically nicotine salts. No need for any buttons as this vape operates on auto draw. It’s made with a durable rubber exterior, which is perfect if you’re someone who prefers a vape that won’t break so easily. It comes with a refillable 2ML tank. The LED indicator makes it easy to see the battery life. When the battery is low, this pen can be charger with a micro-USB charger. This American-made vaporizer comes in several colors, including black, gray, red, turquoise, white, and yellow.

    Bo One Vaporizer
    This Bo vape pen is made for vaping e-liquid in the form of Bo caps, available in 21 flavors and 3 nicotine levels. The Bo One Vaporizer utilizes a simple auto-draw battery. It has a 380MAH battery and comes with its own USB charging dock. Replacing the Bo caps is super easy with the Bo vape pen’s no thread battery. Its design is sleek and modern, not to mention easy to carry around.

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