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Flavors That Will Change How You Look at Vaping



    Flavors That Will Change How You Look at Vaping


    Have you ever finished a meal and while you were not necessarily hungry afterwards, you absolutely craved something sweet? Or perhaps you felt like you needed the taste of a summer sweet tea in the middle of winter, but just do not want the cool beverage. Either way, Velvet Cloud is here to help you out. With a variety of wonderful flavors to fit in with any flavor profile, you will be sure to find something you love. In addition to having the Best E Liquid flavors, they also create their products using the best, naturally-sourced ingredients. No matter what you are looking for in the world of vape juice, you can find it with Velvet Cloud.

    Flavor is something that is perceived differently to every individual. If you have been unsure about making the switch to portable vaporizers due to being picky about your flavors, you are in luck! Velvet Cloud has so many options of different flavors you can be sure to find something to fit with your lifestyle. For those of you that love an extra helping of dessert, they have a number of wonderful options for you. If you are trying to keep yourself going for your overnight job, you can purchase a bottle of Night Shift. This flavor is a classic combination of a cup of coffee with a chocolate glazed doughnut and will be sure to make your evening a little sweeter. If you prefer something a little bit more traditional to the original tobacco flavor, they also have flavors made just for that. With flavors like Burley Beard and Mt. Shasta Frost, you can get your nicotine fix in a way that feels a little more like what you’re used to. Velvet Cloud also has a wonderful selection of fruity flavors for those of you who enjoy something sweeter. One staff favorite is Strawb-Gwab which features guava and strawberry flavors, and is sweet and smooth so you can puff on it all day if you wish. If you are not quite sure what type of flavors you want, they also have two types of variety packs that you can sample a few of the favorite flavors from the creators and staff. They have a tobacco trio and the treasured trio which contains some of the all around favorites.

    A lot of people are worried about using vape juice because they think it contains harmful chemicals. This is another reason why Velvet Cloud has some of the best e liquid available on the market. All of their ingredients do not contain any GMOs, animal products, gluten, or artificial sweeteners or coloring. As they put it, they want their products to have “nothing weird” in them. They start off with a base of pure USP vegetable glycerine, and add in nicotine (if you elect to have it) with just a touch of water. This wholesome base has a slight sweetness to it to start, but leaves you with room to add your own flavors to create a truly customized flavor profile. With ingredients like this, you never have to worry about your vape juice having anything unexpected in it.

    Some things in life are just good to the core, and one of those things are the vape juices made by Velvet Cloud. They have the best e liquid flavors and they create their products using the best ingredients, with a little bit of love to finish it all off. If you are looking to get into the world of vaping or if you are just looking for some new flavors to try, visit their website, pick your favorites, and have your bottles shipped directly to your front door!

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