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Four Inventive Types of 3D Crystal Blocks



    Four Inventive Types of 3D Crystal Blocks


    If you’ve ever found yourself stumped for gift ideas, you aren’t alone. For most of us, giving meaningful gifts can be as rewarding and fun as getting them ourselves. It isn’t always easy, though, to get a gift that will make a memory, especially for those family members and friends who seem to already have everything. A memorable gift is one that is personalized, special, and comes from the heart. In this blog, we will explore 4 incredible ways that 3D crystal blocks from Crystal Prints can be customized to make the perfect gift.

    A photo can be laser etched into a keychain that you will always have with you.The image is laser etched inside the center of the crystal, not on the surface, so it makes a wonderful engraved keepsake.

    1. An Homage to A Pet

    So many of us have beloved pets in our lives without whom our days would be so much less bright. One of the best ways to immortalize the impact our wonderful pets have on our lives is by engraving a print inside one of the various shapes of 3D crystal blocks available online.

    A crystal tower engraved with the image of a pet bird, wings spread wide, creates the sparkling illusion of flight in action, creating a breathtaking, everlasting image to be enjoyed by the recipient for years to come. A set of rectangular 3D crystal blocks engraved with your family’s pet dogs will create an incredible, three-dimensional display for your siblings, father, and/or mother to enjoy. Laser-engraved crystals produce a life-like image that can be viewed from all sides unlike any other form of engraved art, adorning any room with a bright reminder of your beloved animal companions.

    2. Monument to a Loved One

    Every family has that one person who keeps everyone together, organizing events, reminding everyone of upcoming birthdays, and helping to mediate disagreements that arise over games of Trivial Pursuit. For some families, it’s grandma – a clear-headed and loving voice of wisdom who knows a little about everyone. For other families, it’s the quiet uncle whose down-to-Earth logic can help the family navigate any trouble.

    No matter who the leader of your family is, you can create a permanent tribute to their contributions to the greater good by engraving words of wisdom, a favorite saying, a photograph, or even a symbol directly into beautiful, clear crystal. Glinting with rainbow stars, your loved one will always know they are appreciated and respected.

    3. A Resounding and Unforgettable Award

    Occasionally, an employee will truly go above and beyond the call of duty to achieve greatness for a customer or to accomplish a task no one else could do. In cases like this, an award is undeniably in order. Why not reward your company’s high flyer with an everlasting crystal engraving of their name and the value of their contribution?

    4. A Personal Hall of Fame

    Coaches, captains, and even family members of a hard-working athlete may struggle to find a gift to commemorate a big victory or a tough season completed, simply because not every gift is the right fit for such an occasion. 3D crystal blocks, however, can beautifully show off the accomplishments of a talented athlete without feeling out of place.

    The possibilities for etched crystal gifts are almost unlimited and having skilled and experienced guidance can help you get what you want out of a gift. If you want to make a perfect, everlasting gift, visit Crystal Prints online today!

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