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三和一善 – “Full Market” Stock Buy Alert



    三和一善 – “Full Market” Stock Buy Alert



    In the entire history of Stock Advisor, “all-in” buy signals have occurred 92 times.

    The average return on the stocks that chose the “all-in” buy signal was 592%… which depressed the S&P 500 index by nearly 4.5 times.

    A small Internet company showed this signal to buy, and it was in the middle of the advertising market—a market 10 times larger than the online streaming industry (think Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu).

    I am very lucky.


    As the company’s long-term technology stock analyst, I wake up every day with the opportunity to help ordinary people identify some of the world’s most promising investment opportunities and profit from them.

    In an era full of uncertainty and chaos, it really opens the door to some of the best opportunities for investors like you and me.

    Unbelievable, but 2021 is the 28th anniversary of the company founded by the brothers David and Tom.

    It’s amazing that Tom and David were able to publish investment newsletters for about 300 subscribers from the shed behind David’s house…

    Through offices in distant countries such as Australia, Germany, the United Kingdom, Hong Kong and Japan, we provide services to millions of investors around the world who are as diligent as you…

    While browsing the bubble, the housing crisis, and the current environment.

    David and Tom desperately. Because I have the privilege of working with them, I know that they are most proud of their ability to consistently lead investors to some of the most life-changing investment returns that the market has never seen before. Of course, I am talking about the following companies:

    Amazon (up 20,000%)

    Netflix (up 26,000%)

    These are actual investment recommendations. The company has shared with our investment community over the years-the list goes on!

    This is why I wrote this article today.

    Because of this track record, coupled with historically very profitable stock buying signals, may change your investment style forever.

    The buy signal is now flashing.

    “All-in” option

    You will see that the company’s analyst team researches brand new stocks twice a month and recommends them to members.

    As you have already seen, these choices can bring life-changing rewards.

    However, every once in a while, we will encounter a very good stock… we just have to double the bet.

    Many people in our office refer to this re-recommendation as an “all-in” purchase sign.

    Especially when one stock is just begging for a recommendation from another stock.

    But this “go all out” method… it was not shot in the dark.



    Make the final bet at the poker table.

    This investment technique comes directly from one of the greatest investors of all time: Peter’s script.

    “Selling your winners and catching your losers are like cutting flowers and watering them,”-Peter

    Here, we use the same method-add to your winner. This is not something that happens every day.

    But it has happened 92 times, and the results are amazing:

    In fact, among 92 stocks that are fully believed…the average return rate reached a staggering 592%…the S&P 500 index was lowered by more than 4.5 times!

    This brings us back to our current “all-in” candidate. Despite the jaw-dropping success of this company in the past few years, most investors have never even heard of the company’s name!

    Unknown stocks

    Of course, now we will never tell you to “all-in” on a stock-our research shows that the best way to build lasting wealth is to have a diversified portfolio of multiple stocks-30 or more stocks Is very good.

    But the details behind this small Internet company are impressive:

    It is 1/50 the size of Google.

    Every one of our previous recommendations is destroying the market.

    Since the IPO, its young CEO has deposited $2.3 billion in this stock.

    As more and more people give up cable TV to broadcast streaming TV, this company is expected to make a profit. In fact, we believe that the key technology of this company can represent the last nail in the traditional cable coffin.

    Now, this is not a competitor of Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime Video. Instead, this company is in the middle of the advertising market, which is more than 10 times larger than the online streaming industry.

    In an interview with Tom and his team, the company’s CEO called the current moment “the most exciting moment in the history of advertising.”

    Of course, any CEO can say the same, just to hype and push up the company’s stock price… But this CEO puts money on his lips.

    He bet his wealth-more than $2.3 billion-on what he called a “time bomb” for cable television.

    This is the real kicker…

    Despite the jaw-dropping success of this company in the past few years, most investors have never even heard of the company’s name!

    That’s right, although everyone on CNBC and the Wall Street Journal is busy talking about blue-chip stocks such as Apple and Facebook, this significantly smaller (but growing faster!) company is almost completely ignored.(林嘉麗・訳 三和一善)





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