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Graphic Design Mistakes To Avoid


    Graphic Design Mistakes To Avoid


    Graphic designing is a critical work involving lots of elements which includes learning a company’s business and depicting its brand message. Any mistake in a design such as a emblem, business card, internet site, brochure, and so on. may even doubtlessly damage prospects of a company. But a well- thought out graphic design can flip a corporation and its business into a straightforward brand in the eyes of the audience.

    To help you learn even more about basic graphic design rules, we’ve put together a list of some common mistakes in graphic design. You just need to avoid these common graphic design mistakes so that you can create stunning graphics, even if you’re not a designer.

    Graphic design mistakes to avoid
    1. Too many words.

    One of the fastest methods to show your audience off is to include too much text in a chunk of communication that is supposed to be ordinarily visual. This is especially true in the case of infographic and presentation design.

    2. Too Many Fonts

    As fun as it can be to play with fonts to deliver specific feelings and messages, brands should select two or 3 fonts most on any design piece. the use of a single font also can be impactful because it provides continuity and establishes your brand identity. make sure you maintain the scale of the piece in mind whilst choosing the variety of fonts in addition to the quantity of textual content. Your font should represent the feel and ambiance of the design.

    3. Poor kerning

    Even though it can sound easy, poor kerning can destroy the general impact that you want to make along with your design. Your written phrases may additionally look completely unreadable or complicated or in some instances, it could also be comical. Pay close attention to kerning if you want your design to be visually balanced.

    4. Too Many Colors

    One of the single most important design decisions you will make in the creation of your project is your choice of color combinations. Similar to using too many fonts, choosing too many colors or choosing the wrong colors can also make a design ineffective. It can be distracting to use too many bold colors in one piece. Overusing colors can overwhelm readers and make it hard for them to know what to pay attention to. Contrast colours, but keep in mind that they must represent the feeling you are trying to evoke.

    5. Lack of Negative Space

    Essentially, whitespace, also known as negative space, is the clear space in design. It doesn’t mean empty space with a white background. Instead, white space is all the unmarked space of any color, background image, pattern, and texture. Adding white space can save designs, making them understandable, visually appealing, and clutter-free. As a designer, you are made to learn various things and among them the most basic is how to stick to ‘Less is More’ rule.

    6. Using of Stock Images

    Stock images can be a useful and cheap answer when you’re working on a task that requires precise images. However, using too many stock photos makes a project look cheap and, in some cases, unprofessional. Plus, there are plenty of stock images out there that people will instantly recognize since they’ve seen them all over.

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