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Great Coffee to Get Your Office Going



    Great Coffee to Get Your Office Going


    In 2018, gourmet coffee is more popular than ever. All across the country, Americans are enjoying the rich, bold and beautiful flavors that the world’s coffee beans have to offer. But for many people, the sheer amount of coffee products available today can be overwhelming. How do casual coffee drinkers make the jump into trying out new gourmet beans? How do you know which you will like and how can you begin to experiment with your coffee tastes? Many people like to try out local coffee shops for this purpose. There they can find expert baristas ready to prepare hand picked beans and ingredients to create delicious coffee creations that are more interesting and different than the normal cup of Joe. But gourmet coffee shops can be expensive and many people do not have time to visit them often. That is why purchasing a Monthly Office Coffee Subscription can go a long way towards making your workday a bit brighter.

    With a monthly office coffee subscription, workers can reap many benefits and get to try out interesting coffee along the way. The first and main benefit is the price. Because an office will purchase coffee beans for everyone, the beans are offered at a discount and workers will be able to enjoy great coffee for less. Further, the selection of coffee beans provided with a subscription service is often curated and many companies pride themselves on their selection of different beans, roasts, and blends. A great coffee company will provide premium coffee blends for your office so that everyone has something new and delicious to try, increasing office productivity and doing so in an affordable and delightful way that will have all your employees buzzing about it.

    Offering incentives to employees is a great way to increase morale and productivity. But how do you know what you are getting yourself into? Discovering more about the different kinds of roasts is a great way to introduce yourself to the world of gourmet coffee. Roasts come in three typical styles. They are light, medium and dark roasts. Light roasts typically have the highest caffeine content and are lighter in color. These roasts are made by roasting the beans for the shortest time and usually still carry the original flavor notes of the raw bean. Medium roasts are next on the list, providing a balanced taste. This is a very common style and most coffee drinkers will surely have tasted this style before. On the other end of the spectrum, dark roasts carry the least caffeine but a much richer flavor and fuller body. These roasts are especially popular in the winter time and around the holidays.

    Exploring the various coffee-growing regions of the world can be a great way to learn more about it as well. Regions like Colombia and South America have been very popular in the United States of America for a long time, but there are others worth trying as well. Coffee from Africa has been growing in popularity, as well as South East Asia. What’s important when sourcing coffee beans is ensuring that they are collected in an ethical way. Be sure to choose only those companies that do not use unethical labor practices to do business. By making sure each company you use is ethical, you can be sure that no one was harmed in getting these delicious beans from their respective regions to your doorstep.

    At Koffee Kult, we pride ourselves in our advanced roasting knowledge and experience to deliver the finest coffee products to you at great prices. Our coffee is guaranteed to be received by you within twenty four hours of roasting so that you are always getting the freshest product possible. Visit us online and get started ordering fresh beans or a monthly subscription package today!

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