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Green-Building: The sustainable turn in Hyderabad Real Estate


    Green-Building: The sustainable turn in Hyderabad Real Estate


    Hyderabad real estate market has been flourishing in terms of housing projects as well as commercial front. There may be many reasons contributing to the success of this market but one reason that remains constant is the Green features installed in majority real estate projects by the top builders in Hyderabad.

    What are Green features?

    Adding green feature to real estate is the practice of increasing the efficiency with which the buildings and their sites use energy, water and other materials that reduce its impact on human health and the environment. The concept of introducing green features to the new models of 2bhk/3bhk luxury villas, apartments or flats in Hyderabad real estate goes beyond their walls.

    In these days of drastic climate changes, it is imperative that communities understand how their growth and development has a large impact on the natural environment. The manufacturing, design, construction and operation of residential and commercial buildings are responsible for the consumption of many natural resources. Therefore, adding green features to these building has become necessary.

    Hyderabad real estate developers have taken this point into consideration and have come up with green features inclusive projects like Golden County, Green Grace, Aparna One, etc., are some of the projects by Modi builders, SSGreen projects and Aparna Constructions, respectively.

    These projects share the same foundations of adding green features like:

    • Avenue Plantation
    • Water Treatment Plants
    • Water Harvesting Pits
    • Organic Waste Management
    • Energy Efficiency

    The features of green building offer the following benefits:

    • Enhance occupant health and comfort
    • Conserve and restore natural resources
    • Improve water and indoor air quality
    • Minimize strain on local utility infrastructure
    • Reduce operating costs
    • Enhance and protect biodiversity and ecosystems


    The range of affordable luxury villas in Hyderabad, inclusive of sustainable features, has been gaining popularity all over India. As the market has started moving towards a more sustainable future, the top builders in Hyderabad, among many other cities, has decided to create a positive impact on the environment through real estate.