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Guide for selecting a Right Infrastructure for your Reseller Business






    Guide for selecting a Right Infrastructure for your Reseller Business



    Picking the best Web hosting service provider for any business can be a disturbing experience for everyone who is not familiar with its subtleties and server infrastructure. Here are few guidelines that will help you in selecting an appropriate infrastructure for your reseller business.

    Server Capabilities

    Servers are the primary concern for an online business. Make sure that your web hosting provider offers you with the following services:

    • Technical support
    • Uninterrupted backup and power
    • Requirement specific hardware brands
    • Efficient cooling

    Platform Support / Language

    The common most two web host packages offered by the companies are Linux Hosting and Windows Hosting. Linux is commonly known for its open source. It is also comparatively less expensive. In addition, it is quite simpler to create a site in Linux, because it’s one of the popular most operating systems amongst web developers.

    Linux Platforms: MySQL, Perl, PHP
    Windows platforms: VB Script, ASP, NET, Window Streaming Microsoft SQL

    Business Agility

    With technological innovations changing rapidly in the marketplace, company agility should be a major focus of an industry. Infrastructure streamlining creates an efficient workflow. With constant dynamic variations in the business, it is essential to able to adapt, as with respect with a web hosting infrastructure.

    For example, change in concept or design of a website, such as the addition of an e-commerce module, must be done immediately with all support and services provided to a client. There must be some plan to adopt such changes in the business. Otherwise, you would be acquiring losses and could obtain a negative reputation based on a sluggishness of reseller services.

    Cost Equation

    Cost is a significant factor when it comes to choosing a service plan. You must take into account that the business is being generated, types of a server which is being used, infrastructure, business needs, support, security, and any other additional services. A reseller business with a right appropriate infrastructure is an engaging perspective to proposition clients. In addition, it offers extensive scope for an expansion of a business and aims at maximizing the revenue potential.


    I am a professional working in a web hosting business and I wanted to share my views on traditional web hosting. If you are interested in knowing more about hosting then visit: Linux Reseller Hosting