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5 Yoga Myths you must be aware of!

There are various myths that have been associated with the practice Yoga. Let us discuss them here and try to broaden our knowledge on the subject.

Mantra Meditation And Its Benefits

The word Mantra is a Sanskrit word that illustrates projections and vibrations. Mantra Meditation is aimed at bringing calmness and stability to the thoughts in mind. These words have to be pronounced in a certain way that generates some vibrations leading to the awakening of powers of our mind. Our mind tends to become alert and the sub-consciousness gets awakened.

maternity support belt

Pregnancy Item Must Haves During Pregnancy Like Maternity Support Belt

During pregnancies, these are the things that I loved the most Being pregnant is a great honor, a wonderful journey, and a very special time in a women life. It’s fun to be able to pamper yourself a little bit and take care of your needs during this special time as you take on the wonderful honor of growing a tiny human.

Seven Maternity Jeans – An Exceptional Brand to Revamp Your Maternity Wear

Seven For All Mankind is a well-known logo for regular women and men. It revolutionizes current wear to casual, elegant and ultra-modern clothes match for any occasion. Best Maternity Jeans also are available for watching for moms of all sizes. What makes this logo an ‘fantastic’ item to have to your wardrobe? It brings a new which means to ‘warm momma.’

How to Emotionally Support Someone with Genital Herpes

Herpes much like other sexually transmitted diseases is treated with stigma and unfairness. This may be very detrimental to the patient’s self-esteem.
But HsvBuddies are here to support people suffering this disease. A must read for everyone.