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How a Bot can Replace your HR Department by 2020?



    How a Bot can Replace your HR Department by 2020?




    We are all increasingly aware of the reality that robots play a major role in our lives now. Whether it is in physical form – as a helper during surgeries – or in software, as in a Chatbot For Ecommerce, we are all surrounded by a bevy of machines that influence our lives in very significant ways. That’s why it should come as no surprise that even the HR department of various organizations are considering using bots to replace their actual human resources!

    The irony is perhaps stark in this context, but it soon starts to make sense. Gartner, for instance, has predicted that 80% of all end-to-end customer interactions will be replaced by interaction with chatbots – and there will be no humans involved in it at all. The truth is that chatbots have already started to change the HR industry, and it is only in a strictly projective sense that their impact may be considered hypothetical. More realistically, though, they have already made their mark. If we consider the future, here are some of the ways in which they are likely to create further impact:

    Mobile Apps will be Gone

    It is predicted that the market for mobile apps will become quite saturated, given their current popularity. This leads to the prediction that 50% more companies will put their money into chatbots over mobile apps, as it will result in cost savings of around 2.5 billion hours by 2023, combining both the time savings of customers as well as businesses. Not only this, but it will also lead to monetary savings of around $8 billion. The global market insight for this is that the overall market value of chatbots is expected to reach $1.3 billion by 2025.

    Recruitment bots will become more important

    Some companies will seek to replace their HR function with bots completely – this is a practical decision as it will enable them to save time on manual tasks such as scheduling interviews, screening candidates, and answering miscellaneous queries. A chatbot can easily manage all of these tasks and do them in a much faster turnaround time than a human. This process also allows for all forms of discrimination to be addressed, since a bot has no favoritism. The only thing that remains to be seen is whether a recruitment bot will be sensitive enough to process all the nuances in an individual that it is screening.



    Employee support will be given by therapy bots

    Usually, there are no places for an employee to seek refuge if something goes wrong in the workplace – but therapy bots will seek to bridge this gap. The idea behind them is to make mental health accessible and to break down barriers to entry when it comes to communication. Dedicated Chatbot For Hospitality to address emotional situations are already being created – and there is every reason to believe that these bots will receive positive reception in the future, considering the widespread de-stigmatization of mental health that is now being seen. These bots will either function independently or work as stepping stones to other mental health activities.

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