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How Ashtanga Yoga Practice Increases Flexibility?

    Asthanga yoga


    How Ashtanga Yoga Practice Increases Flexibility?



    Asthanga yoga


    Also known as Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga, Ashtanga yoga is a form of yoga that works with intense body movements while performing the asanas and is a special breathing technique. This is an ancient form of yoga that became popular due to the contemporary yogi by the name of K. Pattabhi Jois.

    Yoga was an ancient practice devised by the yogis of ancient India to achieve a “Union” (the Sanskrit word yoga literally translates to union; it signifies the union of the body and the mind that happens in the process of practicing yoga.)

    In today’s date, there are newer trends associated with yoga such as yoga vacations where one is capable of enjoying a rejuvenating session of yoga while on a peaceful vacation at exotic destinations. One of these exotic destinations is Thailand. In recent times the world has witnessed Thailand make space for welcoming the practice of yoga in their country. Yoga enthusiasts from all over the world take yoga vacations to undergo yoga teacher training in Thailand. Yoga teacher training in Chiang Mai, Thailand is one of the best destinations in Thailand to take yoga teacher training.

    Yoga nowadays, especially in western countries is more about the physical benefits. One may find many schools of yoga that emphasize the asanas of yoga majorly, but Ashtanga Yoga gives you an authentic approach to the traditional science of Yoga. It offers the practice of all the 8 limbs of traditional yoga that are:

    1. Yama: the morality code of practicing yoga.
    2. Niyama: the process of self-examination and self-correction.
    3. Asana: the practice of physical poses and postures.
    4. Pranayama: the practice of Breathing Techniques.
    5. Pratyahara: the practice of controlling the senses.
    6. Dharana: the process of knowing one’s own Intentions and intuitions.
    7. Dhyana: The practice of meditation.
    8. Samadhi: the process of contemplation on everything.

    The main purpose of Ashtanga yoga lies in the power-packed and swift movements that forcefully lead to the purification of the mind and the body. This particular practice of yoga is full of a sense of purpose that forces oneself towards growth and concentration.

    Along with the general benefits of a cleared mental space, vitality, rejuvenation, flexibility, and healing that come with yoga, Ashtanga yoga offers a little more to these benefits. It is known as one of the most difficult forms of yoga but also one of the most beneficial styles there is.

    With the practice of Ashtanga yoga, one is focusing on fast movements, swift mind work, and mind support for the powerful physical body movements. It benefits a person by making them fast in their mind and bodily actions and also with reacting to different situations. Your body becomes stronger and swifter within no time.

    The Ashtanga yoga session is very structured form of a Vinyasa-yoga-style session. Within the structure, there are mainly five Ashtanga Asana series; and to level up on the second series; a student must be thorough with the sequence and the form of each and every asana in the first series.

    In this manner a student may take many years to perfect the first series and then reach the 5th series is another ball game altogether. The difficulty level and the power game rise up with each of the five levels and hence to master the entire form of Ashtanga Yoga is a difficult feat to perform.

    Yoga is a practice that allows a lot of flexibility, healing, and strengthening of the areas of the body that are easily affected such as the joints, muscles, ligaments, and tendons. The trick to good flexibility within yoga is that it follows a rhythm of the flow of the body movements. The rhythm that a person follows is unique to each person and is expected to find that rhythm with the course of practicing yoga for a long time.

    With a flowy movement, the fragile areas get the necessary motion and exercise that is necessary for the healing and strengthening of that body part. Ashtanga yoga is a practice that requires a person to be more energetic and powerful by following their natural rhythm. When you practice your natural rhythm with more power and a faster pace, naturally the strengthening and the flexibility of the body increase effectively.

    Ashtanga yoga has been practiced by many new-age yogis to gain strength and pace in their daily life and their actions and hence it is one of the most powerful styles of yoga to be practiced. If you are comfortable and assured that you are capable of practicing this form of demanding yoga; this is definitely the yoga for you.  


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