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How Bahria Town Karachi is the Gateway to New Opportunities for Investors

    Bahria Town Karachi -





    How Bahria Town Karachi is the Gateway to New Opportunities for Investors


    Investors in real estate sector of Karachi are always looking for something which can promise profit. However, it is not very easy to find trust-able projects of this kind. Especially, in an overpopulated and construction-oriented city like Karachi where every second company is a real estate venture but lacks quality and profit potential among their project plans.



    Bahria Town Karachi -

    Bahria Town Karachi 


    But on the other hand, there are also projects like Bahria Town Karachi which are a symbol of prestige and pride on its own. Offering world-class facilities, international standard of security, smart execution of well-planned constructional creations and recreational facilities which cannot be found anywhere in the country; Bahria Town Karachi is a safe haven for all the investors who want to earn some real profits.

    Prominent Sub Project of Bahria Town Karachi

    Bahria Town Karachi is based on overall 45 precincts. In every precinct, you’ll find something worth investing. The most highlighted subprojects of Bahria Town Karachi is Bahria Paradise Karachi and Sports city villa. Both these housing schemes not only meet the requirements of high standard living but also are a dream project to invest due to the high ROI rates. But besides these two attractive options, there are much more opportunities like Jinnah Avenue Commercial and Liberty Commercial.

    Jinnah Avenue Karachi

    Housing schemes like Bahria Sports City villa in Bahria Town Karachi are proving to be the best residential spots in the city which make investors sure of the profit they will be earning by investing them. But Bahria Town Karachi is not just a residential society, it’s a town on its own. Therefore, to enhance the commercial value of the projects, Bahria Town presents Jinnah Avenue Commercial with the collaboration of Haroon’s Estate. Jinnah Avenue Commercial is going to redefine the commercial space of Pakistan, and this is your chance to become a part of one of the most prime commercial locations in the country. Destined to be the Ideal Business Area, Jinnah Avenue Commercial provides outstanding commercial plots alongside the magnificent Jinnah Avenue stretching in the center of Bahria Town Karachi. For people looking to invest in a commercial venture, this is the right option for you!

    Following are the facilities that make Jinnah Avenue Karachi even more attractive

    Strategically Located at the Entrance of Bahria Town Karachi

    • Direct Access to Superhighway and the planned Karachi Lahore Motorway (M9)
    • 20 Minutes from the Airport
    • Service Roads and Allocated Spacious Parking for All Plazas
    • Already Approved for Midrise Buildings
    • Will serve over10 Lac residents across Bahria Town Karachi

     Bahria Liberty Commercial

    Taking the commercial perspective to another level, soon you will be seeing Bahria Liberty Commercial as one of the most favorite investment opportunity. The location of this commercial venture will be the key to its successes and demand among people. This whole commercial block lies close to some important landmarks of Bahria Town.