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How Biometric Verification is aiding the Globe to combat terrorism


    How Biometric Verification is aiding the Globe to combat terrorism



    Advancements in science and technology took the world to a different edge. In numerous fields, technology is assisting. Artificial Intelligence is one of the most advanced technologies and it is changing the world surprisingly. Several countries are utilising innovative approaches to combat terrorism. Extremism can’t be tolerated at any cost. Countries are making strong policies to fight extremism and furthermore, they are traversing advance AI-based technologies to find out terrorists or to obstruct terrorist activities. These policies and using AI-based technologies are helping them to take in time decisions. AI-based devices are aiding to remove insecure environment. Intrusives are applying constraints to not use freedom in an extremist way. Employers can pursue their employees in a legal way to stop infringement or cyberbully. Facial Verification is one of the best approaches for intrusives to combat against terrorism. Biometric systems are now used worldwide to identify persons and locate suspected terrorist. Emerging biometric technologies are a tremendous part of this operation. Biometric Verification includes multiple tools to prevent terrorism Personal Traits or Physical Characteristics both are used to find suspected one.


    Personal traits for verification:

    1- Voice Verification

    2- Handwriting Verification

    3- Fingerprints Verification

    4- Facial Verification

    All of the above Personal traits are being used to combat terrorism, every one of them playing a vital role. But as technologies are advancing to stop terrorism, terrorists are also advancing to trick the system. Cases were reported when terrorist practised different identity for their terrorist activity. It means they cheated the system. So best of personal verification techniques is “Facial Verification”. Facial Verification can impede terrorism across the globe in a very efficient way.

    A person can use fake fingerprints to cheat the fingerprint verification system but he can’t use fake face to cheat the system of facial verification service.


    How Facial Verification work:

    Facial Verification system is based on very advanced Artificial Intelligence, it is acknowledged as standard. The facial Verification system is based on two fundamental concepts. 1- Face Detection 2- Face Recognition. They both work mutually for Facial verification service. Face detection is used to identify either there is a real face in the picture or video, once it is decided and face is selected, recognition is used to match the face with an existing database of criminal’s pictures in the computer. It is a very unusual and extraordinary process of verification. First, all faces are enrolled in the database through which software will assemble different facial peculiarities. Later on, when it gets the picture to match, it will break the picture into pieces and get all features of a particular face and run it through the database if any match exists.


    Why World should use Facial Verification System:

    Facial verification can build a cheat free system in seek of criminals or fake identity users. At San Luis Crossing a mismatch was found through a facial verification for a man who gave a valid U.S. travel card. In many critical areas, Face Verification service can be used to impede

    1. Identifying suspected terrorists.
    2. Control access to sensitive information.
    3. Identify theft in travel documents.

    It can support us to distinguish a wanted person if he is openly moving across the streets. Due to this implementation, it will bound terrorist to move across the cities for their protection or for the start of further terrorist activities. It is requisite to grasp sensitive information. It must not get in the hands of a terrorist as they can use it in terrorist activities. They can use this information to change their design of terrorist activity or can make fake records to approve their illicit affairs. One of the best use of facial recognition is that it can identify a person who is travelling using fraudulent documents. As it was examined how a guy cheated officer at San Luis but he was seized. Thanks to Facial Verificaiton.