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How Data Recovery Works




    How Data Recovery Works


    Data recovery is a very specialized task that should only be done by experienced technicians. Its effectiveness and cost depends on whether and to what extent the storage medium is damaged, ie whether or not the storage medium or part of it has been mechanically or physically damaged.

    If the storage medium has not been mechanically or physically destroyed and the data contained is lost due to deletion or software errors, then recovery is a process with usually positive results and relatively low cost.

    However, if the storage medium has been mechanically or physically damaged and has mechanical or physical damage to a part or parts thereof, data recovery is a rather difficult and often unprofitable economic process and depends on the type of damage the recovery process time, the size and importance of the data.

    Our data (files, photos, music, etc.) are valuable. Learn with the help of our experienced technician how to create and keep up-to-date copies of your data security at no cost and of course automatically using appropriate and reliable programs.
    If you have a business with multiple computers, be sure to secure your data using automated procedures and storage methods.

    Tip 1: Keep copies of your important files in more than one storage medium (eg two separate hard drives).

    Tip 2: Keep copies of your important files in folders with different date of creation.

    Tip 3: If your computer is slowing down or you hear some strange noise inside it, it is likely that the hard drive has a problem.
    If you can, immediately try to take copies of your files to a separate storage medium (eg an external hard drive), and then contact a dedicated technician immediately to rescue your files and proceed with testing and replacing defective storage medium.





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