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How Much Water Should my Pet be Drinking


    How Much Water Should my Pet be Drinking


    There is no way of knowing if your dog is drinking too much or too less water, since you simply can’t monitor his random drinking habits all the time. At different stages of life, doggies need different amounts of water for better functioning.

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    The ratio is quite simple- if your dog is around 10 pounds heavy, he must consume a little over a cup of water at the most, each day. In order to make sure that your dog is drinking the right amount of water, here are a few tips and tricks you must keep in mind.

    Why is it important?

    A pet parent must always be on the lookout, when it comes to your pup’s drinking habits. Dehydration or excessive hydration can cause several problems to your dog’s health and well being. Most of the times, your pups drinking habits can even be the indication of an underlying health problem or condition.


    Dehydration can be a much more severe issue with dogs, as compared to overhydration, which is less common and easier to supervise.

    Dehydration, on the other hand can lead to health issues including kidney stones, or even failure of organs and the urinary tract. There are two ways to check if your dog is dehydrated:
    • Lift some skin from the back of your dogs neck and let it go, if it goes right back into place, your dog is well hydrated.
    • Checking your dogs gums are another way of finding out is he’s dehydrated. If his gums are dry and sticky, your pup is in dire need of more water.
    In any case, if your pet is drinking very less or lots of water, it is better to get it checked by a veterinary doctor, in order to make sure that there is no underlying disease.

    Tips that will help you determine the right quantity

    • The first rule of water consumption is according to the size of your dog. For each pound of weight, your dog must drink around one ounce of water.
    • Make sure you add a moisture-rich diet for your fur baby to consume. This way, the liquid intake will also be initiated through the food it eats. If there is more dry food in your dog’s diet, you might want to up his actual water intake.
    • It is important to pay more attention when it comes to puppies. It is crucial for your pup to drink small amounts of water every few hours, in order to stay well hydrated.
    • Keep track of your dog’s water consumption according to different seasons. In summers, make sure that he drinks more water than in winters.
    • When your dog is tired from an intense playing session, make sure he doesn’t drink too much water at a time. Give him a short break before consuming the second batch of water, or carry his water with you and let him consume it at regular intervals while playing.

    These are a few daily rituals you can incorporate, to make sure that your fur buddy is drinking the right amount of water.

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