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How the LEVO Infuser Makes DIY Extracts Easy





    How the LEVO Infuser Makes DIY Extracts Easy


    If you’re any sort of vape enthusiast, chances are good that at some point you’ve heard of “infusing” oils or butters. For those with a refined palette and a passion for exotic and unique flavors – a description that everyone can agree is fitting for many a vaper – this new do it yourself hobby might just be the next craze for you! A fairly recent phenomenon, making infused extracts is a process that can be used to create a wide variety of products, for many different uses. The most common creations are oils and butters, which are infused and then cooked into recipes where the flavors subtly come out in the finished dishes. As well, topical creams and tinctures, as well as alcohols can be imbued with the scent and essence of your own hand selected blends of dry herbs. In the past, doing an extraction has been a fairly complex and time consuming process, and, in some cases, even potentially hazardous when working with alcohols in particular.

    Fortunately for you, all of that is now a thing of the past, as some forward thinking companies have recently brought several home infusion appliances to the market. These simple to use products take much of the guesswork, prep time, and mess out of the equation, making them a snap for even a total novice to use. One of the latest such appliances is the Levo Oil Infuser, which has been making waves among hobbyists for its ease of operation and consistent great results. Here we’ll go into some detail on the steps involved in using the Infuser to do an extraction and make a batch of infused product.

    Pick your product type: Possibly the most important step of the whole method, this part is really up to you and depends on what exactly you’re trying to achieve with your infusion. Butters and oils are among the most common options for those who want to use their creation in a recipe, while alcohols and lotions can be used for skin products and tinctures.

    Choose your herbs: Totally up to your own personal taste, this is where you pick out the dry herbs that will be infused into your final creation. Popular favorites include anything from rosemary, lavender, mint or vanilla, all depending on what you’re trying to achieve as an end result.

    Insert materials: This is where you will put up to approximately 3.5 grams (depending on the type) of your chosen herbs into the included herb pod and about 16 ounces of your substance to be infused into the reservoir. Also, it is worth noting here that while you can pack the herb pod as tightly as you like, you should make sure not to grind anything too fine, as some particulate matter may slip out during processing.

    Set Time and Temp: Next, you’ll set the temperature and time and let your LEVO Oil Infuser do the rest of the work! It’s that easy! Your exact settings will depend on what materials you’ve chosen and how much you’re making, but for a good starting guide to get you pointed in the right direction, you might want to do some research.

    So, if you are a vape lover who has a little bit of inner chef just waiting to come out, give it a try. With the LEVO Oil Infuser you don’t have to have a culinary arts degree to invent a world of unique flavors and you don’t have to break the bank doing it, either. The LEVO Oil Infuser is available at for the stunningly low price of only $199.99. Head on over to their website and check it out today!

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