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How to Choose the Best PPC Management Service for My Business



    How to Choose the Best PPC Management Service for My Business



    As a business owner, you know that your business can scale rapidly if you utilize paid online advertising to reach your target market. Your marketing team may be a one-person show, or perhaps you have a small organization with members that wear many hats. You realize that you simply don’t have the time to get up to speed with the latest best-practices when it comes to Google Ads or Facebook Ads. When you have reached the point in your business where you are ready for growth but know you don’t have the expertise to execute on PPC, you need to start looking for PPC management services in Kansas City. Here are five things to look for when you are looking to outsource PPC for your business.

    Understands Your Business
    When you are on your search for PPC management services, be sure to look for a company that has a thorough on-boarding process. The company should seek to understand your business and customers before taking your money to start an ad campaign. They should take the time to talk to you about your goals and see if you are interested in brand awareness, looking to get qualified leads, or if you are looking for sales. When you walk through your goals with a PPC company, you will get better results than if you just give them an ad budget and tell them to spend it.

    Knowledgeable in Keywords Research and Selection
    If you want to have a successful campaign, you will have to build it on a strong foundation. That foundation is keywords. Once a company has gone through your goals and customer profile with you, they should be able to select high volume, low-competition keywords to target with PPC advertising. Ask a company to give you a few examples and case studies of the clients they have helped and ask them to walk you through the keyword selection process, so you can get a general understanding of their competency.

    Understands all the different types of Ads
    There are so many different ads platforms, and they all do different things for different companies and industries. The PPC management company you use should have a working knowledge of various types of PPC accounts and ads like the following

    • Google Ads
    • Bing Ads,
    • Facebook,
    • LinkedIn
    • Twitter

    They should also be knowledgeable about the different types of advertisements like

    • Search
    • Display
    • Video
    • Shopping
    • Remarketing

    Not only that, but the company should understand the kinds of ad management including

    • Manual
    • Manual with some automation
    • Full automation

    Ask a few questions about their area of expertise or knowledge on these ad platforms or management types and ask which ones are best for your business.

    Practices Efficient Budget Allocation
    Look for a company that can work within a reasonable budget and allocates it effectively. If you are trying to decide between Facebook and Google ads, the right PPC company will look at your customer journey and allocate your budget to the right channels. Your budget allocation will also depend on your industry and company goals.

    Utilizes Mobile-First Advertising
    Mobile search recently surpassed desktop search for the first time in history. A good PPC company should be optimizing display ads for mobile and using video ads where possible. Ask your potential PPC management company if they can run mobile ads and how they go about it. This will give you insight as to if they are the best company for the job.

    Offers You Case Studies
    A PPC management company should have a couple case studies to show you while trying to win your business. They should be able to show you past performance and current ads that they are running. Pay close attention to the copy and images that they are advertising as you want to make sure that their images and ad copy are unique across companies and industries.

    Uses and Reports Solid Metrics
    The PPC Company you choose should be offering you month metrics that track conversions, impressions, and results. These reports should be easy to understand and delivered to you in a timely fashion. You can also take a weekly look at campaign performance in your Google or Facebook Ad account to track performance earlier than the reporting period.

    Keep these things in mind when you are looking for a PPC management service in Kansas City. When you use this list, you will find that you cross off companies that are not a fit for your company early in the process. If you are looking for high-quality professional PPC management service, contact SaltRank today to get a consultation on your PPC campaign.