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How to Clean the Toilet: Should You Use Shower Cleaner or Something Else?





    How to Clean the Toilet: Should You Use Shower Cleaner or Something Else?


    After I released my loose Non-Toxic Cleaning Printables, a reader requested why I didn’t include facts on cleaning the bathroom.

    The simple answer? Space. Also, it’s quite easy, but there are some versions, and which one you operate will depend on your bathroom and your water.

    You will even want a one of a kind method for a badly stained bathroom, or a urine-stained bathroom floor (infant schooling every person?)  but we’ll come to that final.

    So how do you easy your bathroom efficiently, without the use of nasty chemicals?

    If you locate your bathroom cleaning needs a bit more oomph, you can combine the two strategies.

    DON’T leave each vinegar and bicarb soda to soak even though. You want to use the chemical reaction as it occurs, which is the instant you combine them. So select either vinegar or bicarb soda to use as above, however then while it comes time to clean, add some of the alternative product and use that fizz to help loosen any dust as you scrub.

    How to clean hard water stains for your bathroom bowl and cistern

    If you have mineral increase to your toilet bowl, you may want to use the vinegar neat. Obviously, there’s pretty a gap between the use of one cup of vinegar blended within the water and using neat vinegar – you can experiment and use your judgment, relying on the country of your bathroom bowl.

    If the neat vinegar doesn’t work, you could repeat a couple of times (for a severe mineral building up).

    Alternatively, you could use the Norwex Descaler, that is an enzyme-primarily based purifier specially designed for paintings on mineral building up, like lime, calcium and rust stains. This is a lot greater effect than the vinegar while nevertheless being a safe product to apply. You will nonetheless need to drain the toilet bowl, but then simply spray at the descaler and go away it for approximately ten mins earlier than scrubbing.

    Even with the descaler even though, when you have a severe build up, you would need to use it more than one instance.

    If your toilet bowl is badly stained, you can locate that undeniable vinegar and bicarb are no longer sufficient. If this is the case (and you don’t want to head the Norwex descaler), you can attempt the use of borax.

    Cleaning the bathroom floor

    If you have bathroom training infants – especially boys – you’ll understand that ground around the bathroom can get pretty stinky. Even fully toilet trained boys seem to “leave out” quite lots, mainly at night time (or perhaps that’s simply mine?). So how do you smooth urine stained tiles and grout, without nasties?

    Your basic homemade vinegar floor cleaner is sincerely approximately half of cup of vinegar in half a  bucket of heat water (approximately a gallon/four liters).  But for the toilet floor inside the center of toilet training, I would mop with an answer of 50/50 white vinegar and water.  Alternatively, very well spray the ground with a neat vinegar spray, depart for 1/2 an hour, after which mop.

    So wherein does the bicarb are available in? Well, if your grout is stained and the vinegar hasn’t wiped clean it, make a paste of bicarb soda with a little water. Use an old toothbrush to apply it to the grout and scrub. For greater omph, spray on some vinegar for the adorable cleaning fizz. Rinse nicely with heat water.