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How to Control Common Health Problems through Ayurveda Home Remedies?


    How to Control Common Health Problems through Ayurveda Home Remedies?



    No two individuals are the same, their body and mind function in different ways. Ayurvedic science understands that well and mentions the three different body types or doshas; Pitta, Vata, and Kapha.

    Engaging in natural Ayurveda therapies, based upon your dosha can help restore the proper functionality of human the body. According to Ayurveda, good health begins with internal purification, which can be achieved by following a special diet, herbal drinks, practicing yoga and meditation. Ayurvedic treatment in Kerala is very popular and regarded as the best medical practice by expert yogis and gurus as it is the purest and natural way to lead a healthy life.

    Let’s  have a look at common health problems that can be cured using Ayurveda Home Remedies:

    1. Hypertension:

    This is a modern-day disease caused by our poor lifestyle and stress that disrupts the blood flow throughout the body. People suffer from High and low blood pressure, which leads to many heart-related problems.

    The main cause of hypertension is poor digestive health due to the accumulation of toxins and high-stress levels. Poor nutrition, lack of physical activities and unwanted stress add up to the problem.

    • To combat High blood pressure, special herbs like ashwagandha, Triphala, Jatamansi and Arjuna should be administered with milk to normalize the blood flow and reduce stress-causing hormones.
    • One must detoxify and rinse their digestive tract from toxins, this can be achieved by following a nutritional diet. Heavy, salty, spicy, fatty and fried food should be avoided.
    • Encourage fruits, milk, herbal food and vegetables to improve the blood flow in the arteries.
    • Diuretic food, such as cucumber raita should be added to diet the help cleanse the digestive tract.
    • Practice Yoga and meditation regularly to regulate stress and put the mind at ease.
    1. Sinus and Migraine:

    We live in an era where it is very difficult to get fresh air, our cities have been polluted with dust and smoke that give rise to problems like Sinusitis. This causes infection in our nasal passages and gives rise to other problems. Migraine is a recurrent pulsating headache, usually on one side of the head and makes us very sensitive towards light and sound.

    • Kavala, also known as the oil pulling technique is a very effective remedy in Ayurveda that helps in oral detoxification to cure migraine. The oral cavity is filled with lukewarm oils through one nostril and dispensed via the other one, cleaning and getting rid of the bacteria.
    • Steam inhalation with essential oils, tulsi, and peppermint can also help cure sinus and headache. You can also use electronic diffusers with essential oils in the room.
    • Avoid cold, dry and spicy foods.
    • Eat warm, cooked and wet food.
    • Keep yourself hydrated and drink plenty of water
    1. Back and Joint Pain:

    This is a very common issue that every one of us faces daily, thanks to our sedentary lifestyle. Lack of physical activities, unhealthy food, and accumulation of toxins make our joints weak and make way for arthritis. Improper posture and our desk jobs are the major cause of back-related problems.

    • Abyangam is the Ayurveda name for oil-based massage treatment which can help reduce back and joint pain. Applying pressure on the right tissues can help get rid of the blockage and make way for the vital energy of the body to flow.
    • Herbal ingredients like Mustard powder, Punarnava, Paishore Guggulu can be orally taken for internal purification of the body.
    • Triphala also called the ‘nectar of life’ should be administered in the diet to witness its healing powers.
    • Ginger and chamomile tea are also effective in reducing joint pain.
    1. Obesity:

    Obesity is a global health hazard, affecting more than 650 million people worldwide! The accumulation of extra fat in the body can increase the risk of heart diseases, diabetes and other problems by many folds. The causes of obesity are both genetical and due to our lifestyle. Panchkarma treatment in Kerala is effective to get rid of toxins through the five Ayurvedic therapies and is very beneficial for eliminating obesity.

    • Triphala, Brahmi, Haldi, Black pepper and Fenugreek are proven to be beneficial in combating obesity.
    • Drinking a warm glass for water with ginger and lemon on an empty stomach has a significant effect on the body.
    • Avoid snacks and follow a proper 3 meals a day diet.
    • Fat, fried, salty and spicy food should be avoided.
    • Add fruits, nuts and, watery and leafy vegetables into your diet.
    • Practice Yoga regularly to burn fat and restore body’ functionality.


    In our fast life, we often forget about our health and start avoiding the symptoms. Follow these simple home-based Ayurveda remedies to experience better health.