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How to Cut the Cost of Home Insurance





    How to Cut the Cost of Home Insurance


    When you buy a new home, you’re already reeling below the massive costs of your home and the interiors. Spending a bomb on home insurance is the last thing you want.


    Here are some ways in which you can cut the cost of home insurance:

    1. Combine home insurance and auto insurance – Suppose you’re looking to buy a burger, a pack of French fries and a Coke. Would it be a better deal if you bought each of it separately or you bought the combo? If you are giving the insurer more business they are likely to offer you up to 10% off on your annual premium.

    2. Make claims sparingly – The sole purpose of your insurance policy is to cover risks to your home and belongings.. But making a claim for small amounts is not a good idea. Every time you make a claim, the risk increases and so does your premium. On the other hand, you can avail of discounts if you do not make a claim.

    3. Opt for optimum coverage- A basic policy covers loss due to fire, broad policy covers fire and a few other things and a comprehensive policy covers a whole lot of things. Often homeowners don’t need a comprehensive policy but still go for one, resulting in the burden of higher premiums. Choose a policy that covers the main risks to your home.

    4. Install a home security system – If you install a home security system your house becomes more secure. The home security system can protect you against theft, sewage, flood, fire etc. depending on what you choose. Home security systems also offer discounts on your annual premium.

    5. Increase your deductible – Deductible is essentially the amount you pay upfront for your expenses before your insurance plan starts paying you. Both the deductible and premiums go out of your pocket. But if you choose to keep the deductible low, you will end up paying higher premiums. So it’s wiser to have a substantial deductible and you can receive a discount on premiums.

    6. Work with your broker – A car insurance broker, is an independent agent who works to gather quotes together on your behalf. He can help present your information to different companies and advise you on which coverage you need.

    7. Go in for a newly built house – As your house becomes older the chances of wear and tear, damage and risks increases. So insurers place a higher premium on houses that are older than ten years to cover the risks. Opting for a newly built house would reduce your risks and also your premium.

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