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How to Deal with Rejection as an Actor


    How to Deal with Rejection as an Actor


    Rejection is part and parcel of being an actor, even the very best have dealt with it. Being able to deal with rejection is an important skill you must master in this extremely competitive environment. You should understand that rejections are normal and it’s how you come back fighting after that can shape your career. 


    To help you move forward through rejection, here are a few handy tips to consider:

    1. Don’t take things personally. 

    Acting is a serious business. No matter how trained or experienced you are as an actor, you should always come to an audition prepared. Remember, you can’t just come to an audition room and sit pretty. You have to act and perform to the best of your ability. 


    In the event that you don’t get a call back, it does not mean that the casting director does not like you. It could probably be because there is a candidate who better suits the role. Just accept the situation and focus your energy towards other auditions.

    2. Look at things from another perspective.

    Casting directors often have a pre-defined idea of a character’s traits. They already know what the character looks like, how they act, and how they behave. This is why you should try to bring the character to life in a way the director had imagined.

    3. Talk to a friend.

    Rejection may sting and that is completely normal. So, if you are having a hard time getting rid of negative thoughts, do not hesitate to talk to a family member or a friend. Make sure you are surrounded with positivity and a good support network that can help bring you back up.

    4. Ask for feedback.

    Regardless of whether it’s positive or negative, feedback is always good. Not only does it give you a better idea about yourself. It also allows you to learn more about your strengths and weaknesses. After your audition, ask the casting director or producer for feedback. This way, you know what aspects of your acting needs improvement.

    5. Enroll in an acting course.

    Enrolling in an acting course will give you an edge over other actors in an audition. It does not matter if you are a seasoned actor already. A little education and hands-on experience will help increase your chances of landing that dream role. 


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