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How to Get Your Pet Dog or Cat Licensed in



    How to Get Your Pet Dog or Cat Licensed in


    Licensing your dog or cat is the basic prerequisite of raising your pet. The thumb rule of pet-parenting is to get your new-comer pet vaccinated and licensed as soon as it’s four months or even older, whenever you bring it home.

    Why should you get a pet license?

    According to the Animal Licensing and Control Bylaw in Edmonton, each and every pet that’s over half-a-year-old must be licensed with a required follow-up renewal with each passing year. If not the code of law can levy a 250 dollar fine on any pet parent.

    If this isn’t reason enough, pet licenses are your little one’s identity in case of an emergency runaway pup or kitty. If you ever lose your bundle of joy, a license can make it easier to scout for and retrieve your pet back home, safely.

    Licensing your pet also acts like a log book for concerned caretakers to keep track of all its vaccinations and whether or not they are up-to-date.

    Licenses help keep track of how many pets a person or the entire city owns, it acts as a record, in case any regulations of quantity are to be ensured or kept on citizens.

    Where can you apply?

    In case you don’t have a license given to you by the breeder or shelter along with all the other pet documents, you could pay a visit to the City Of Edmonton’s Animal Care and Control Centre.

    You can also opt to apply or renew your pet’s license with the online services or e-services that the city has come up with. Otherwise, you can choose to mail your application along with the fees to the Animal Care and Control Centre.

    The fees for licensing are not exorbitant and are extremely important, as they are directed towards all the city-based shelters, veterinary care centers and even animal control officers.
    With the latest technologies available at your fingertips, there’s no need to stress out about paying multiple visits or standing in long queues when it comes to applying for or renewing your pet license.

    What you might need while applying.

    While applying for your pet’s license, there are a few documents that you need to present in order to make the whole process efficient:

    • Keep and present a record of all vaccinations that your cat or dog has gotten.
    • Keep some of your id and residential proofs handy.

    If you’re thinking of upping your game in this day-and-age, you could also choose to get a micro-chip for your pet. This acts as both, an effective license as well as an effective tracker in case your fur baby wanders off somewhere.

    Furthermore, if you’re shifting from one city or state to another, you might want to consider changing your pet’s license to avoid any discrepancies.

    So go ahead, get those licenses for your pup or kitty cat, to make sure it has a valid identity!

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