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How to Hit a Golf Ball for Distance with Backspin


    How to Hit a Golf Ball for Distance with Backspin


    The backspin represents a technique which provides impressive results on the green. It brings the ball back and this makes it perfect when the hole is situated towards the front of the green.  It also is beneficial if you are between club lengths or have an obstruction you need to fly in order to hit the green.


    When it comes to mastering the swing, it is important to know what to look for and, in many cases, you will need to limit your efforts to short irons. You can thus use solutions up to the 7 irons and try to raise the ball since this represents one of the pressing problems players face when they try to achieve backspin.

    One of the essential techniques which you need to master comes with hitting the ball down. This is why it is essential to know that you can find short irons as the practical solution which is easy to maneuver.


    Choosing the right golf balls is also essential to master backspin. It is true that every player has own preferences when it comes to backspin but you will notice that many actually prefer the softer core solutions as they might be easier to use with the backspin technique.

    The ball will need to react with your club to get it the spin and trajectory that is needed to have it “bite” when it hits the green so it can change the direction it is travelling. 

    Other Tips

    When it comes to achieving the best backspin effect, it is important to know that you can improve considerably, especially when you are looking towards better overall effects and consistency. For example, one of the most important characteristics to remember is to simply use the wind to your benefit. For this purpose, you need to shoot into the wind and use it to bring your ball back. While many players simply struggle and hit the balls downwind, this will seriously influence your results and you need to use wind power to your advantage.

    Thus, backspin can be achieved with short irons which offer you greater control to hit towards the ground. Even more, you need to find the right golf balls which come with the soft core that allow you to perform these hits. These variables together with the right wind can offer the basis to better backspin. It is also important to remember that you can find the right solutions only in time and with practice. It means that you can also maximize your performance with any type of irons and in time, you will also learn to work with less than ideal wind conditions. It is also necessary to practice in various conditions.


    While hitting a shot with backspin can be a great addition to your tool belt, it is a very difficult shot to master.  If you are just beginning the game of golf, your time is probably better spent on learning the basics.  Trying to learn a complicated shot like the backspin shot will only make you frustrated.  Only once you have mastered the other shots in golf should you attempt to master the backspin.  We do want you to continue with the game of golf and not give up. 

    If you are frustrated and feel you can not achieve your goals you may want to give it up for good.  That is not good so that is the reason why we recommend waiting until you are a little more experience on the golf course before trying this shot.