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How To Make Easter Decorations For The Home



    How To Make Easter Decorations For The Home


    Here comes Cottontail, hopping down the bunny trail… 

    Decorations and festivities excite almost everyone, be that for a special occasion or just some regular spring cleaning. Easter eggs and bunnies will be around by the end of March which isn’t very far. Soon people will start with their Easter home decorations. There will be eggs, bunnies and chickens around every corner. In short, the Easter theme will prevail. So, have you prepped for it yet?  

    If you haven’t done anything, because you were busy drooling over cheap Easter decorations, don’t panic. We have created a list of Easter home decorations that are affordable and easy to make. There is no doubt that they will brighten up any home in no time. 

    Easter Home Decorations On A Budget 

    While decorating for Easter may excite and enthuse many, it doesn’t mean you have to break the bank for it. You can always decorate by staying inside your set budget. We have gathered a few Easter décor ideas that won’t cost a fortune and still look stunning. 

    No Easter Without Eggs 

    The concept of Easter is not complete without eggs! While you can always get the festive Easter home decorations and the plastic ornaments, the gorgeousness of actual eggs is like no other. So, on your dining table, place a basket of eggs as a centrepiece. The eggshells have intricate patterns and textures. They even have varying colours. So, choose different shades and textures to create a layered look. To complete the look, add some white china and linens on the dining table. Additionally, adding some greenery wouldn’t hurt either instead it will tie the entire look together. 

    An Easter Ambience 

    You can use cheap Easter decorations within the dining room or bedroom to create a wonderful Easter ambience. Creating a rustic or modern country look would be amazing for carrying out an Easter theme. Moreover, execution of a rustic theme becomes easier in the dining room if you have oak furniture dining table and chairs. The natural oak colour helps to create a happy yet homey display. 

    Some people really go bonkers with the Easter décor. In their houses, it’s like someone threw up bunnies and eggs. You don’t wanna do that, so make sure you keep things balanced. And by that we mean, not everything has to have a bunny printed on it or that all your décor items don’t need to be in egg shapes. Keep it all casual yet occasional by dropping in a hint of Easter décor here and there. 

    Make It Floral 

    Of all the cheap Easter decorations, nothing is cheaper than flowers. The flower power is so great that you wouldn’t even need to fill the entire house with them, and the house will still look effective. They have the added benefit of making the space smell nicer, too. Moreover, the styles in which you can display the flowers are countless. There are garlands and bouquets, and there are simple potted plants and vases. 

    There are so many choices and not just in terms of display settings but also colours and types. So, choose whatever you like or go with the cheapest option available. Most of the time seasonal flowers look extremely gorgeous when they’re used in a certain setting. So, look for the pretty ones and transform your home into a floral den. 

    Some Easter Bunny Buntings 

    Who said garlands and bunting are just for Christmas? You can always carry out a DIY project with your kids at home. All you need is some colourful card stock and template for cutting out eggs and bunnies. If you’re not aiming for perfection rather just wanna have fun with kids, you can encourage them to draw and colour their bunnies. When they’re done, you can sew them all together on a string and hang it up on top of your bed or behind the sofa. 

    A Tree Full Of Eggs 

    Let your home embrace the Easter theme by creating an egg tree and displaying it on a sideboard or dining table. You can use painted eggshells and hang them on a dried branch. They will look as if they’re sprouting from a tree. You can place it as a centrepiece on your dining table when you host an Easter dinner. 

    Let Easter Bunny Leave His Trail 

    Instead of spending a fortune on Easter home decorations, use subtle hints of Easter throughout the room. For instance, in a living room, don’t go on putting everything that has a rabbit on it. Instead, keep one or two items that are noticeable yet properly integrated. Like, placing a pillow with eggs printed on it or a bunny-shaped decoration item on a coffee table. 

    Napkin Bunnies For The Dining Table 

    With the help of a few folds, create a fun-filled dining table. Easter bunnies look cute no matter what shape they’re in. They look cute as napkins, too. Sounds strange? Well, if restaurants can fold their napkins like swans, why not fold yours as rabbits? There are many video tutorials available online from where you can watch and learn. 

    Wear It Like A Medal 

    Just like Christmas time, cheap Easter decorations also start appearing in the markets around Easter. So, look for a letter banner saying ‘Happy Easter’ or something of the sort. You can also have some fun time with your kids while DIYing a cute Easter letter banner. They are fun, easy and extremely cost-efficient. Use whatever scrap paper you have available and stamp it with letters. Pass a ribbon through all the pieces and display it above your mantle. 

    We hope that you like our Easter theme decoration ideas that are pocket-friendly. Do let us know if you try any of these at home. 

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