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How to Optimize Wavy and Curly Hair for Best Haircuts



    How to Optimize Wavy and Curly Hair for Best Haircuts


    Having curly hair can really seem like a bane if not styled correctly. Along with taking care of your gorgeous locks, it is also important to make sure that you get the right cut for your hair to look even more mesmerizing.

    Curls always come with a lot of maintenance, paired with the herculean efforts of keeping up a smooth texture in order to enhance your overall look. It is thus essential to optimize your curls with a haircut that looks phenomenal on you, with your hair and face type in mind. If you’re looking to get a new hairdo at a Hair Stylist Salon Calgary, here are a few types of haircuts that really look good on wavy or extremely curly hair:

    • Long layers:
    If you have long and extremely curly hair, long layers look great with kinky curls. These layers can be even or uneven based on whether you have wavy or curly hair and whether you want a tamed look or a wild, trendy looking hairdo. Long layers look best on longer lengths.

    • Layered bob:
    The common thought of bobs not looking good with curls is a major misconception. If you have mid-length hair, you could go in for a layered long or short bob that will bring out your facial features drastically. The bob generates a nice, voluminous effect. If you have kinky curls that are already voluminous, it is better to opt for a long bob, and if your hair is a combination of waves and curls, a short bob works wonders.

    Bobs can also look great if they’re paired with curly bangs, in order to accentuate the volume and look further.

    • The shag:
    A haircut that emerged in the 70’s, shags can be medium, short or long haircuts that make your hair look thicker, modern and oh-so-trendy. When it comes to curly hair, the shag is a great tool that helps you settle your frizzy hair. The added advantage of this chic haircut is that it makes your face look thinner and more sculpted, without the roundness that curly hair always adds to the face.

    • Beach waves:
    If your hair are typically wavy and of medium to long length, beach waves look gorgeous when coupled with drastic layers that give them that extra volume. This hairdo is a hit among celebrities, and is a real buzz right now.

    • Shoulder length layers:
    If you’re among the few blessed women who have the perfect combination of straight hair at the roots and waves or curls towards the bottom, shoulder length layers make you hair look even more perfect. This haircut gives your bottom curls a beautiful flow, making your hair look voluminous and perfectly textured.

    • Step cut:
    The step cut looks great when you have big, loose or light curls, making your hair look more flowey, voluminous and bouncy!
    So go on and optimize your mesmerizing curls with one of these amazing haircuts. Instead of treating your hair using chemicals and heat, wishing they were straight, embrace your enchanting locks with a haircut that suits your face and your personality.

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