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How to perform Self-Hypnosis



    How to perform Self-Hypnosis

    -by Harry P


    Always remember that ALL hypnosis is self-hypnosis! You are still in control. Only you hold the necessary keys to make essential positive alterations in your life. All negative energy can be removed by the power of your mind, yes all. As a teenager, I struggled regularly with anxiety, and by using this method below I was able to steady my mind and focus on the task ahead whatever that may be.


    Getting started 

    Look for a comfy chair in your home or place of work where you can have a few minutes to yourself. Just three minutes can change your life in your quest for success. After practicing this exercise many times, you can reduce the time even further to only one or two minutes. Now pretend that you are tired as you read this exercise and react in a relaxed, sleepy, manner. Whenever you see these… periods in a row that is your signal to pause and let your body relax for a few moments before moving on.


    Time to begin

    Sit up in a chair or lie on a couch preferably a bed with your palms resting on your lap or by your side…take three slow deep breaths…each time you inhale, focus solely on filling your lungs with clean, fresh air…as you exhale, feel all of the tension leave your lungs.

    Each deep breath that you take lets you relax deeper… with each and every sound that you hear allowing you to relax even further…absolutely nothing will disturb you … breathe slowly, focusing on your breath and relax intensely …Let your body rest …let all of your muscles relax as you achieve control over the ever-fighting subconscious part of our mind…all of your troubles are just drifting away…You can bring them back at any time you want …but it feels good to let them disappear at this time…




    Every breath you take allows you to relax deeper and deeper. Each sound that you hear, will enable you to relax profoundly…Making you feel good… know you feel fine…, you feel perfect and complete …Your mind is aware and your body is relaxing perfectly…(Tell yourself) Every time I practice this exercise, I will find myself relaxing to a greater and greater extent…

    My body feels entirely relaxed as my mind is keenly alerted, aware, and very powerful… I can achieve anything I want when I execute my mind power…I will find myself sleeping better when it’s time to rest, and I will find more energy when I am awake…My life is getting better and better.

    Day by day, in every way, I am getting better and better. I feel good…I feel fine …I feel totally and utterly relaxed…In a moment count from 1 to 5…By the time I reach 5, I will be alert and awake and feeling fantastic …(Say to yourself) every time I practice this exercise, I will find myself relaxing to a higher degree… all right…one…two…three…four…FIVE…I am wide awake…alert and feeling better in every way.



    How do you feel? Do you feel alert and awake and feeling better than you have ever felt before? 

    Practice this exercise several times (if you can) each day. Each time you perform this brief exercise, you will start to see how achieving a meditative, relaxed state is more natural to attain. 

    This relaxation exercise specifically helped me overcome immense stress in the past. Remember, several 3 minute periods in our day; our mind naturally dwindles on stress too often. It’s about time we spend equal time focusing on how to chill out. 

    I discovered how to combat much of my overthinking from Catherine Spence’s Heal Through Hypnosis program, which allowed me to understand hypnotherapy and guided meditation techniques.

    When you are looking to work on a specific problem using this relaxation exercise technique…self-hypnosis…, you need to include a “hypnotic prescription.” A hypnotic prescription is a specific “script” that you use in talking and communicating with yourself. If you have a problem sleeping at night, you may develop a script that goes like this:

    “I find myself sleeping soundly and perfectly all-night long. The natural sounds of the night act as a lullaby, singing me to sleep. I will awake in the morning, feeling relaxed and alert, ready for an exciting new day.”

    You read the above “prescription” into your recording equipment before you embark on the relaxation exercise. It helps to write down your prescription on a piece of paper or an index card and read it over several times before you listen to your self-hypnosis exercise. Allow your thoughts to focus on a positive outcome or change. 



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