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How to Save Target Coupons: 10 Ways to Save on Your Shopping


    How to Save Target Coupons: 10 Ways to Save on Your Shopping


    Wouldn’t it be great if you could get every single Target coupons that are available online and in-stores? Well, good news! You can. And it’ll make your savings even greater. It might take some time to find all of them, but the result is totally worth it.

    After reading this article, you’ll learn how to save money at Target with a few simple tricks. Follow along to discover more…


    Keep track of your Target coupons

    There are so many Target coupons you can get online, but how do you keep track of which ones you’ve already tried and which ones you haven’t? With a pen and paper, of course!

    You’ll want to keep track of all of your coupons because some of them are only good online and some are only good in stores. You can do this by writing down the date you used each coupon, the store name where you used it, and the coupon itself.

    If you have a smartphone, you can get even more specific—you can keep a list in your phone of coupon codes you’ve tried with the date and store name, too. This way, you can quickly and easily see which coupons you’ve used before without having to go back through your notes.


    Shop with a target coupon code

    Target’s own coupons are awesome, but they’re not the only coupons you can get. Next time you’re shopping at a store that sells brand-new items and has a coupon in the newspaper, check the coupon code section of the ad.

    A lot of times, that ad will have the store’s own coupon code you can use online. These codes will almost always be 10% off your entire purchase, and you can use them at any online store that sells the store’s brand or items. It’s like shopping at that store for almost nothing!

    You might also try looking for store-specific deals online. For example, if you live near a Kohl’s store and you see a 10% off coupon online, you can try that one in-store and see if it’s also good online. You can also shop from other coupon websites like or

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    Check for special deals and sales before you go

    Before you go shopping, see if there are any deals or sales you can get in your area. If you know there is a Kohl’s in your area that has a 10% off sale going on, you might want to go before you go to the store and get those coupons.

    To do this, you’ll want to head over to the store’s website and find the special sale you want to get to see what the regular prices are. Then, compare them to the prices you’ll see on the website.

    If you find that the sale is good enough and the prices are reasonably low, you can use the website to get that sale price and save even more money.


    Watch for in-store Target deals before you shop

    If you have a smartphone and you’re willing to install a few apps, you can keep an eye on in-store Target coupons before you go shopping.

    For example, on Amazon, you can install the Target app and get a notification whenever a new deal is posted for Target. You can also use a service like Ibotta to get Target cash-back deals for Ibotta, then buy the items and get cash back from your bank.

    Ibotta is free to download, but make sure you use it to get cash-back on Target purchases before you go shopping. As I mentioned, it’s free, but it’s owned by Target, so the terms of use say that the company can’t be allowed to “interfere with Target’s business.


    Bottom line

    If you want to save money at Target, there are plenty of ways to do it. First, you can take advantage of all of the coupons they offer.

    Next, keep an eye out for deals and sales in your area and get them before you go shopping. Finally, you can use your smartphone to keep an eye out for in-store deals before you go.

    Of course, these tips won’t work for every type of Target shopper, so it’s important to keep an eye out for deals that are best for you.