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How to take a screenshot on Mac?

    How to take a screenshot on MacOS


    How to take a screenshot on macOS


    When you are new to Mac or do not know how to take a screenshot on Mac, you will obviously go on search engines like Google, Bing, or similar. There you will find lots of answers. Here we present you the answer which directly comes from Apple itself!

    To take a whole screen screenshot:

    Take a screenshot on your Mac
    1. To take a screenshot, press and hold these three keys together: Shift, Command, and 3.
    2. If you see a thumbnail in the corner of your screen, click it to edit the screenshot. Or wait for the screenshot to save to your desktop.

    But there are more. The above technique will take a whole screen screenshot. There are 3 more ways you can take a screenshot in Mac. Let us find out all of them.


    1. SHIFT+Command+5

      Starting from the macOS Mojave model, Apple Inc has introduced another screenshot facility using shift + command + 5. This will open up a small bar at the bottom of your monitor. now you can capture the whole screen, a window, or a selection. You will find two video recording buttons as well; similarly, you can record the entire screen or a Window. 

      There is an Options button as well on the right side, to select the location to save the screenshots. You can as well see the preview thumbnail which you have just captured on the below right corner of your screen. You can also choose to show the mouse pointer in the screenshot or in the captured video.

      How to take a screenshot

    2. SHIFT+Command+6

      If you are using a model with a touch bar, for example, MacBook Pro then you can press command shift 6 to capture the screenshot of your touch bar.

    3. SHIFT+Command+4

      Using shift + command + 4 will let you select the section on your screen to be captured. Your cursor will become a crosshair. Now you can drag the crosshair to identify the area on your screen which you want to get captured. 

      Along with that, you have three more options to avail.

      Press and hold down the shift key while dragging:
      This will let you move your mouse open down so that you can position the highlighted area at the bottom of your screen.

      Press space bar once
      Now we can see a little camera icon. Move the icon on any open window and then click to take a screenshot of the window.

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      Press and hold the space bar
      After you have selected the screenshot area, do not release the mouse button. Now press and hold the space bar button. This will let you freely move the selected area on the screen so that you can reposition the highlighted rectangle. After repositioning, just release the mouse button and it will automatically create a screenshot out of the highlighted area.

    4. SHIFT+Command+3

      Shift + command + 3 is the most popular and most used and the easiest way to take a screenshot of Mac gadgets. It will capture the whole screen in the screenshot and the resulting image is readily available in your clipboard. Just paste the content anywhere and you will get the whole screenshot in the form of an image.


    So these are four different ways to take screenshots in Mac OS.