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How Trekking Helps to Overcome Your Fear?



    How Trekking Helps to Overcome Your Fear?



    Trekking is an activity that leads to many changes both internal and external in one’s body and perception. It changes so many aspects in which one may think, walk, eat, sleep and takes the next step. Trekking enthusiasts would understand this change that is being talked about.

    It is an activity that needs you to dive into the wilderness and giving into nature and her beauty. Nature has a system of her own; to pioneer that system, we must trust the true intuitions, instincts, spirit and connection to nature, something that is devoid from the world that we have created for ourselves in the cities. Another thing that we don’t inculcate in the cities is the truth of nature and her enormity and the respect for her being in everything that is living on this planet.

    We know that life is the supreme gift that is bestowed on this planet and nothing more than that can attract the aliens to visit our planet (in the trend of area 51 jokes circling the internet and the fact that life has intricate works of finding a way).

    Life always finds a way to survive, take us for an example. As soon as humans learned that they are capable of so many things, they started creating a world for themselves where they trust nothing but themselves. But in this process we have become too overconfident of our assumptions about the power we have as humans. We literally believe that there is nothing greater than our own selves.

    Well in many instances nature has proven our theories wrong. Our theories of superior races, superior castes, superior classes, about power, boundaries, nationalities, superiorities and inferiorities; all washed away by floods, tsunamis, hurricanes, cyclones, cloud bursts and other natural disasters.

    But, we still seem to comfortably exist in these men-mind-made theories and ideologies as if we are the only ones who have scaled the meaning of life, when there really is no meaning to life, but to live it.

    Anyhow, the goal to this article is not to make you feel low, but to tell you how trekking is an activity that helps us reconnect to nature once again, and bring the attention of the world to her beauty and her power .

    When we trek, we are letting go of our daily routines and venturing into the wilderness, it’s obviously not rocket science, but there is still a lot of science we can discover when we step onto this journey of a trekking expedition.

    You see, a trekking expedition is similar to how our ancestors roamed around the earth millions of years ago. Humans were connected to nature back then, even worshiped nature for the resources that it gave them to exist in plenty. Even now she gives us these resources, but the humans have changed and become greedier. We take more than we can consume and that is essentially what is causing the degradation of the human race.

    Trekking is an activity that is gaining popularity by the day, and for good reason. People are becoming more and more interested in reconnecting with the supreme power that they had abandoned for a luxurious lifestyle.

    So how exactly does trekking help us overcome fears?

    1. With trekking you understand that it is not in your nature to be stagnant. It helps us realize that travelling is inherent to human nature. It also helps us overcome the fear of loss. We fear we’d lose that job and won’t be able to lead that affluent lifestyle that we are accustomed to. Trekking to new places and beholding the beauty and feelings that were beyond our imagination, helps us realize that loss is temporary as much as gaining is temporary.
    2. Trekking makes us do activities that we had believed we could never do. Our stagnant lifestyles makes us believe that we are capable of only performing the jobs we are told to do, or the orders we are told to follow, or the ideas that we are told to uphold. When we are out there in the wilderness of nature, we see the orders break one by one, the routines change in front of our eyes and we perform feats that we had never imagined were possible. Trekking helps us see fear from a different angle.
    3. Trekking helps you lose the gullible nature you have within you. So many of us are so indecisive and second-guessing ourselves. When you are out there, you will realize that if you do not trust yourselves, you will never be able to take that next step. Trekking helps you regain trust and overcome second-guessing and underestimating.

    And so like all new trekking enthusiasts, you can head to the Himalayas, which have been a source to so many inspirational stories. Most of the Himalayas lay in Nepal. Trekking Tours packages nepal is attracting millions of tourists every year. Two of the most famous trekking trails are the Everest base camp trekking and the Annapurna base camp trekking.

    So to know the true importance of trekking and how it makes you overcome your fears, I suggest you make it a point to start on a journey to trek through the places in the world that you never though you would go to. It’s not enough to be a tourist to capitalist beauties of the world; you must be a traveler and give into the unknown.