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If You Need Premium E-Liquids, Velvet Cloud is the Place to Go



    If You Need Premium E-Liquids, Velvet Cloud is the Place to Go


    Vaping has exploded in popularity over the course of the last decade. What was once a niche hobby known only to a select handful of people is now a global phenomenon. Tobacco shops have hollowed out entire portions of their store to cater to people who vape and vape shops have sprung up in towns across the country. Considering all of this, it’s probably no surprise that the vape industry is worth billions of dollars. This incredible and sustained growth proves that vaping isn’t just a passing craze.

    But large industries don’t always equate to better customer experiences. Because there are hundreds of companies who produce and sell vape products, there are bound to be more than a handful that produce inferior products for wildly cheap prices. Perhaps the e-liquids they sell are made using questionable ingredients or in subpar labs. The vaporizers they produce might be poorly constructed or not thoroughly inspected, resulting in failure of the equipment or injury to the user. At Velvet Cloud, we didn’t want to settle for creating a mediocre product just to drive prices down fractionally. Instead, we focused on creating the very best e-liquids possible so our customers could have the best possible vaping experience. We use naturally sourced and organic flavored e-liquid ingredients whenever possible so that your customers can know that they are vaping some of the best e juice choices they could ever get with Velvet Cloud.

    Our uncompromising philosophy permeates the entire production process. We don’t believe in adding unnecessary food coloring or diacetyl to our vape juice, like many other companies do. For that matter, we don’t believe in adding any sugar, artificial sweeteners, GMOs, gluten or dairy products, or preservatives. We think that e-liquids should be simple, cruelty-free, and – more than anything – delicious. That also means that our products are vegan, except for the very few cases in which the flavor is delineated from an animal (e.g. cream and honey). We don’t test on animals, and we even donate a portion of our proceeds to a few wildlife groups. The result of our obsession with perfection is the huge variety of unique, flavorful e-liquids we carry on our site.

    Let’s say you’re looking for a dessert flavor, something to sate that persistent sweet tooth you’ve had since you were a child. Well in that case, our Frosted Gingerbread flavor is right up your alley. With base notes of spice and semi-sweet cookie and a brilliant finish of glazed frosting, this delightful e-liquid will transport you right back to the times you built gingerbread houses next to a roaring fireplace. Or maybe you’re looking for something a bit less seasonal. Might I turn your attention to our Night Shift flavor? This flavor is based on the tastes of coffee and chocolate donut, a combination that is sure to make your mouth water just thinking about it. The richness and complexity of this e-liquid makes it a favorite among coffee-lovers everywhere. And these are only a couple of our dessert e-liquid flavors, with classics like Vanilla Custard and Nutty Cookie commanding a dedicated following.

    Or maybe you aren’t feeling dessert at the moment. Maybe you want something fruity and fresh, something like our signature Pandamonium. This flavor aims to recreate the magic of the elusive white gummy bear. With hints of pineapple and citrus, this is sure to be a flavor you savor till the last drop. Or what if, after looking through all of our outrageously good flavors, you still don’t see exactly what you want? Well then you can always buy our Unflavored e-liquid and make your very own! With all these choices in front of you, there’s no reason to shop for Organic Flavored E-Liquids anywhere else. You’d be hard-pressed to find an e-liquid producer who has, without a doubt, 100% organic e-liquid; Velvet Cloud, however, is transparent with all of our ingredients and we aim to provide the best-sourced e-liquid for our customers everywhere. Check us out online, today!

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