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Impact Of Low Level Employees In A Company

    In my previous post (The Abilene Paradox!) I mentioned and explained how a group of people, once lead by some corrupted and low level people, can continue intentional, deliberate and preplanned offences and serious social crimes (for which they can be legally prosecuted) and thereby takes our society down to a new level.

    Here, now I will describe a real life event in a company that has some of its employees (well, prominent employees, they are working in that company for long time) formed a group and work in collusion (secret or illegal cooperation or conspiracy in order to deceive others) between each other. And how the company is suffering from its outcome.

    It was the month of November when a few new employees joined in the company in two different branches. it is very much normal and expected that people will mingle with each other in any ways they desire. It was when the ‘Group of Evil’ came to action.

    First thing first. What was their purpose? One of them (a male figure and the main initiator) was working over there for a long time. His qualification (Educational, Social, Psychological, Intellectual) was very low and the person himself is of extremely cheap level. His style of conversation, dress codes, weeds shaped beards,  etiquette, mannerism, activities always reflected that this guy has come from a family which belongs to very  low level in the society. Words he uses tells us that he is completely uncultured too (may be it is genetically went forward from his parents to him, his brother also. I don’t have any exposure on his brother because that guy was working in another building but both were of same company. His basic tactics  was to make mala fide (in bad faith; with intent to deceive.) propaganda. For an example, if Einstein  had joined in the company, he would have started a propaganda that Theory Of Relativity is completely wrong and Einstein is a liar!! :mrgreen: . All person who is better than him are fraud and he is right!     

    So when a new woman employee had joined the company this guy I have just described (I will call this guy as Mr. Cheap from now on) wanted to make her a prostitute so that the woman employee must serve him in bed whenever he wants to.

    In that company, except his elder brother there  were at least two more of his relatives (in the same building as his) as employee. One of those relatives (a male figure) was the team leader of the section where the woman joined in.

    From the very beginning Mr. Cheap had some characteristics that was worth to be observed. Mr. Cheap just do not do anything. He just loiters and wastes time in the working hours but never forgets to wait for the sms at the 10th of the month (that was the day of salary credit). He always at any time goes to the other room  where his relative is a team leader. Then he stands just behind the new comer woman and verbally abuse all whom he thinks a competitor including the woman. And his relative team leader is aloof as if nothing happened !!! it took a toll on that new comer woman and that woman were put to tremendous mental and psychological stress and she had to cry a lot inside the office premises, for that mala fide action by Mr. Cheap; actively supported and sponsored by the relative team leader. That ‘relative’ calls Mr. Cheap a ‘Combative Man’ (in Bengali  ‘লড়াকু ছেলে’). Mr.Cheap keeps his job secure using these family lobby. During the early December Mr. Cheap was about to be fired from the company and he told everybody, who did not know the real reason, that he did not come to office for 8 long days because he was ill. However, he used his family lobby to keep his job again (offcourse a low quality person like him can not get a suitable job anywhere, so it is better to hang in the company grabbing the tail of the family lobby and behave like the chairman of the company!!!.)

    Mr. Cheap speaks in his uncultured way.. Why a new comer guy (a new comer male figure) dressed up so well? Is he trying to impress the new comer woman? And he thinks that both the new comer eats the rice back home , the cost of which is provided by his father. Why is the newcomer woman is so ugly? Perhaps his mother is so beautiful  so that she can be raped comfortably by even an eunuch even at her age of 90! He says what is the category of the new comer male employer, but never speaks about his own category (readers already know the category of him!).  He then starts defaming the new comer male figure by attacking the character of him (One day Mr. Cheap will ask his own father: “Is your character ok? Why do you sleep with my mother?”). Why is he attacking both the man and woman?

    Mr. Cheap thinks that the man and woman may become very good company. And if that happens how can Mr. Cheap going to make the new comer woman a prostitute? So he inflicts an inferiority complex in her by saying that the woman is ugly. If this works, then the woman would be ashamed by herself to even look to any other male. Also he says that the new comer man has  bad characters and thus preventing the woman to count on him.

    There was 4 more characters in that group, all of whom were female figure and all of them are working over there for long time.

     Three of them was unmarried, one was married and very fat lady. Out of the three unmarried ladies, one was Muslim and other two were Hindu. The Muslim woman was apparently very faithful to her religion. She used to pray five times a day during Ramadan and so on. But she was found to be an woman of very loose and bad character. She tried to seduce Mr. Cheap and always touches inappropriately him here and there, spends times in different secluded places  with this boyfriend, that boyfriend. And hopes to marry a man with good character! She acted as an active accomplice of Mr. Cheap and one of the main conspirator against the new comer man and woman and main face of the propaganda attacking the character of them, in legal term which is called ‘willful defamation’ and non-bailable offence in Indian Penal code . Mr. Cheap always approaches to those women in the group in the disguise that he is ready to marry them at any point of time and in the return they must do whatever he instructs them to do. And all of them fall for that. Why? Because in that group all women thought that they were of inferior type (everybody, except one sharp-nosed woman, were really utter inferior in all aspects as well as Mr. Cheap) and it is very difficult to find a suitable match for them. So their character took a hit and they all fall for a victimization.

    One of the three Hindu women had very sharp nose, anybody will want a nose like her ? . It was clear from the first day that the sharp-nosed woman must had an affair with Mr. Cheap but Mr. Cheap used her and then dumped. It was more clear when after the elder brother of Mr. Cheap got married the sharp-nosed woman became very excited and she clearly thought that she and Mr. Cheap is next, but alas! (I have told you the very intention of Mr. Cheap at the beginning!!) But irony is that, that whenever Mr. Cheap puts a fake smile in his face and look at her , she gets revived and her old hope gets a life and thus the woman were remote controlled. She was told not to talk to the new comer man in the fear that the new comer man may emerge as the really better person than Mr. Cheap. So when it was heard that the new comer man had a jolly conversation with her, inside a metro rail coach, a targeted propaganda was initiated against her by Mr. Cheap and maligning her character by verbal abuse begun. The woman eventually (being weak in mind) given up and verbally abused the new comer man, to remain close to her failed dream ,  Mr. Cheap (though apparently it is believed that a song which were being played at that time was taken with a complete misunderstanding, but the fact that , her mind was poisoned and poisoning her mind was going on for a long time, so not only that song but any song could have played the same role, so a mere song was not of that significant at that moment!). That is why, after the woman verbally abused the new comer , the new comer advised her to show her strength and improve her weakness.  

    I have already described two of the four woman. Now I will describe the fat, married lady and her close aid who is also a part of this group and sits beside the fat, married lady  and of very short height.

    The-fat-married-lady is another one who is working for the company for a very long time. She thinks herself that she is the most beautiful and most experienced and most followed by. She advises like a granny with her fat  shit-head. She is in collusion with Mr.Cheap very secretly and works on Mr. Cheap’s instruction. She played very active role in brain washing the new comer woman. She is also an woman coming from the lowest level of society. But always puts on a mask of an honest married woman. But a complete dishonest by core. From the beginning it was very clear  that she is very willing to sleep with other guys at any cost. She always shows off her assets to any male figure and apparently ready to do anything at cheap rate. 

    The last one is the friend of the-fat- married-lady.  She sits by the-fat- married-lady in office. She thinks herself very qualified and very much aware of her extremely ugly face and figure. She always do different types of fashion and make-ups to keep her attractive to Mr.Cheap. She always follows Mr.Cheap like the small dog in popular Vodafone advertisement. She is ready to lick the ass of him. Mr.Cheap Even before says anything, she says ‘Yes! You r right’. She thinks that in this way one day she would be able seduce and marry Mr.Cheap. The bottom line for them is ‘Those who are rejected by all,  will be accepted by Mr.Cheap’… the last resort! She does different types of caricature and poses in styles in front of Mr.Cheap… ok, we will wait and watch what happens at the end… though we all know what will happen! Ask the sharp-nosed-lady  and you will know.

    Is that all? Nope… The main thing is there I have not yet put light on…

    All those in the group, I have described above, comes from very backward section of our society. So they are very needy in money. You can put them in prostitution in exchange of a few bucks. They will do that happily and will find lots of logics and arguments in favour of that! If they don’t,  then Mr. Cheap will provide some. The proverb says:

    Need brings greed. That is dangerous.

    But the more dangerous is : Even if need is fulfilled, the greed never is.  


    So if an woman starts prostitution for money, making her billionaire does not ensure that the woman will leave prostitution. Because then prostitution becomes greed, though the need of money is no longer there. So everybody must avoid 1. Needy and 2. Greedy. These two types can be used but never forget to throw them out like an used condom. Remember, if you can’t throw them out then please do not use them at all.

    Mr. Cheap provides freelancer jobs to the group and to the new comer woman. A few thousand cheap bucks makes the whole group and the new comer woman  slaves of Mr. Cheap. The whole group and new comer woman becomes remote controlled. And eventually they will surrender to whatever Mr.Cheap says.

    Conclusion: A few people in the company has formed an evil group and patronizing themselves in exchange of company growth. They are busy in doing their dirty jobs and never thinks of the company. So company  never grows and many other good employees (who are not part of the group) suffers from this evil nexus of family lobby. 

    Can a company grow if a group of prominent employee make themselves busy in low class activities? Will a good employee come to these company if the company does not grow?

    So at the end who are responsible for the destruction of the company?

    Is the environment in the company right? When it has become obvious that a group of employees (employees and employee’s relatives) are regularly and consciously committing offences which are punishable, non-bailable offence?




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