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Important Factors to Consider Before Renting a Self-Storage Unit





    Important Factors to Consider Before Renting a Self-Storage Unit


    by Monu Rohila



    Price and proximity are often top of mind when researching self-storage units in Tampa. However, there are additional considerations that consumers and business owners should keep in mind prior to selecting a storage provider.

    Below, we provide five factors to consider before signing a lease:

    1. Facility Security

    Select a storage facility that offers premium security around the property and individual units. Ensure your belongings are safeguarded with the following security features:

    • 24-hour video surveillance.
    • Ample lighting.
    • Individual door alarms.
    • Passcode entry gates.
    • Perimeter fencing. Steel disc door locks.

    Ensure frequent property checks are conducted, and verify the steps taken should a problem arise. Confirm that emergency personnel are notified when an alarm is activated to guarantee any potential threats are addressed promptly.

    1. Facility Cleanliness

    Tour the facility and individual storage units to visually verify the level of cleanliness. Ask your storage provider about day-to-day maintenance, as well as the facility’s cleaning procedures prior to move-in. Choose a storage facility with a full-time maintenance staff and the following features:

    • Barriers from harsh weather conditions (e.g., gutters, downspouts, seamless roofs and individual door seals).
    • Properly graded driveways with multiple sewer drains to direct storm water away from storage units.
    1. After-Hour Access and Assistance

    Work with a storage facility that grants storage unit access year round, offers after hours appointments and is accessible when it’s most convenient for you. Know how and when to contact facility representatives for assistance outside of operating hours or on weekends, even when the main office is closed.

    1. Self-Storage Insurance

    Add a layer of protection to your belongings with self-storage insurance. Check if your storage facility offers an insurance program, or ask for a list of preferred insurance providers to contact. Consult with your personal insurance provider about options for insuring the contents of your storage unit.

    1. Climate-Controlled Storage Units

    Commonly stored items require climate control to preserve their integrity, even for short periods of time. Select a storage provider that offers optimally conditioned units to prevent your belongings from breaking, rusting or deteriorating:

    • Business documents.
    • Clothing.
    • Electronics or appliances.
    • Vehicles.
    • Wood or metal furniture.

    Additional Considerations

    Create peace of mind by visiting the storage facility to ensure proper security features are in place, meet with staff members and to discuss your storage needs in-person. Speak with a knowledgeable facility manager, and consider these five factors before selecting a storage solution that meets both your needs and budget.

    Advanced security systems—Security cameras complete with DVR recording, help our team monitor all facility units. Unit door alarms work to protect customer belongings simultaneously through two different means. If triggered, the alarms sound audibly in the facility. They also go the extra step of calling out to a central management system, which will contact the local police department. facilities have fenced perimeters that stop people and vehicles that aren’t tenants from entering the property. An access code is needed to open the gate at all times.






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